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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy birthday, Gibson!

Well, last night I wrote my sentimental post about Gibson's birthday...so I guess today is the fun one!


Ahhhh.  I don't even know.  I DON'T EVEN KNOW.  A YEAR??!?!  For real, I don't know.  My mind is blown.

So anyway.  Let's discuss my one year old!

Gibson's personality is showing itself even more recently, and it's so much fun!  Just today he started making fart noises on his hand and making this super weird cheesy grin whenever he sees a camera.  He makes his eyes all squinty, raises his chin in the air, and grimaces.  It's HILARIOUS.

But I'm afraid it might also be the demise of sweet smiling photos.  Sad mommy.  ...except it's still super hilarious, so I'll take weird grimace-y photos, I guess.

Gibson has started giving kisses more often and waving at people...but only when he wants to.  That seems to be a trend in Gibson's personality...he does things when he wants and how he wants.  Just like his mommy!

That's probably not a good thing.  I was a horror when I was young.

He didn't gain a lot of new skills this month, but crawling and standing are both much better than they were a month ago.  Gibson has also perfected the art of being a turd...namely, he likes to get into things he knows he shouldn't, and smiles at me the entire time he's doing it.  TURD.

Here's a list of things Gibson loves that he isn't allowed to do:
-Playing with the toilet water.  He's never successfully played with it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try every day.
-Eating Ellie's food.  He tries to hoard it in his cheeks like a hamster.
-Touching electrical outlets.
-Poking the television screen as hard as possible with his finger and/or a pen.
-Eating chalk.  We have moved the chalk to a higher place in the kitchen, don't worry.
-Pulling my camera battery charger out of the outlet.
-Chewing on dirty diapers.  WHY???  Why would he even want to do that?

See?  He always wants things that aren't good for him!  It's a good thing he has such a vigilant mom who never lets him out of her sight!

*cough cough*  Um, sure.

On to more lists!

Gibson loves:
-Barbecue sauce
-Bananas and grapes, of course
-Giving kisses
-Being a turd
-Eating as much food as possible at each meal
-Being in his bedroom

Gibson hates:
-Getting his clothes changed
-Not getting his way

Luckily, my big boy is pretty happy these days...but when he's not happy, you better watch out.  Because a tantrum is coming, and it's coming LOUDLY.

I may need to invest in earplugs now that we're entering toddlerhood.  This kid has a very strong set of lungs.  Just like his mommy.  Uh oh...

Also, the other day at Walmart I took some cupcake liners away from Gibson because he was chewing on them, and he threw his head back and started wailing at the ceiling.  And all we could do was laugh, because it was so pathetic.

And then some lady walked by us and I'm pretty sure she thought we were crazy...laughing at our child who was throwing a tantrum.  But what else can you do?

Oh, I thought of some new things Gibson does!  So, in true Erin fashion, here's another list!

New things:
-Laughing when the characters on his tv show laugh.
-Clapping when other people clap.
-Pointing at noses when I ask him to.

I can't believe how much he has changed over the last year!  And how fast the year went.  If this continues, he'll be 49 before I know it!

And now for lots of photos!

Gibson wants you all to vote for my blog on today, the day of his birth.  You should probably do it!
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