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Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!

My brain can't make an actual post today, so here are things that have happened in our life recently!

Gibson has a double ear infection from all the allergy drainage.  Booooo.  But at least I know why he's been so grumpy!

We had to switch him to disposable diapers because antibiotics give him crazy poops, and therefore rashes.  And it's just easier to deal with in disposables.

The past couple of physical milestones Gibson hit (crawling and pulling up) happened while he was wearing disposables.  So maybe he'll start walking this time?

...I know there's probably no correlation.  I'm not crazy, don't worry.

Gibson slept for almost 12 straight hours last night with only one tiny wake up!  He hasn't done that in months!

I've been having dreams in which I wear shorts to church and then realize that I forgot to shave my legs.  I think my subconscious is telling me that I have man legs and I need to shave.

You don't even want to know how gross my legs are at the current moment.  Very gross.  Very very gross.

I have also been having dreams that Gibson starts walking randomly.  Danny has, too.  Apparently we really want him to walk.

Gibson is a drug addict.  He takes four medications before bed right now (Claritin, antibiotic, Hyland's cough syrup, and Tylenol), and he loves it.  The other day he found a clean syringe and tried to suck medicine out of it.

I'm ready for him to stop being sick any time, ok?

The best part about Gibson being sick is that he tends to have either a coughing or screaming fit right before bed that almost always results in vomit all over me.

We live a very charmed life, indeed.

Gibson has started standing by himself!  But he only does it when he thinks I'm not watching, and when he's standing next to something he can grab if he needs to.

He has also learned that there's a spot on the tv that can be touched to turn it on and off.  So he has started poking at the screen when it's off to turn it on.  Every once in awhile he gets lucky and turns it on, but usually he just spends five minutes poking around.

...he has obviously watched too much television lately.  Grumpy sick baby+grumpy sick mommy=lots of Daniel Tiger and Bubble Guppies.  Oops.

Um.  That's all I can think of.

Here's a photo of some corgi puppies to make your Friday happy!

Ellie is offended that I didn't share a photo of her to make your Friday happy.  But she's been a butthead lately.  So she can get over it.

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*Not really.  I don't have any corgi puppies to send.  Sorry for lying.

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