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Saturday, March 29, 2014

It all started with an $8 shower curtain

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Once upon a time, Danny and I were at Big Lots.  And we saw an $8 shower curtain that we loved.

So we bought it!  We've been looking for a new shower curtain for the main bathroom, and this one was way less expensive than anything else we've seen that we like.

And then we put it up in the bathroom.  And it's beautiful.

But I realized that I didn't love the black vanity and mirror with it.  And I just couldn't let it go.

So I bought some paint!  And $60 and three days later, we have a beautiful bathroom!

Would you like to know what we spent money on?  I'll tell you!

$14--one quart of Glidden 2+1 semi-gloss paint in Misty Aqua
$5--Drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby
$4--Cabinet knobs from Hobby Lobby
$15--Metal flower art from Hobby Lobby (the most expensive thing in the bathroom)
$5--Metal flower towel hook from Hobby Lobby
$5--Metal bird art from...you know where.
$8--Blue floral shower curtain from Big Lots
$3--Cream bath rug from Big Lots

Ka-BLAM!  $59.  We didn't paint the walls, because who really has time for that?  And everything we bought at Hobby Lobby was 50% off.

I have something to say to Hobby Lobby:

For real.

I painted the vanity, the mirror frame, and the towel rack, all of which had been painted black.  This is when I was SO HAPPY to have gotten expensive paint instead of the cheap colored water my frugal self wanted to get.  Because it took two or three coats to cover the black instead of 53.  And I appreciate that.

Also, I would like to point out that I did this project almost entirely BY MYSELF.  I am woman, hear me roar and all that.  I even used the screwdriver with great success.

Except for the time I whittled away at a couple of screws until they couldn't be turned anymore.  Oops.

And now, without further ado, my new favorite room in the house!

Before: black vanity and mirror, red and brown shower curtain.  Just kind of dark.

Aaaaaand after!!!

Have I told you how much I love painting things?  Because I REALLY like painting things.

Hobby Lobby is the best.  How cute is that bird?

Also, the towel hook is my FAVORITE.  It's so cute I want to die.

There's that $8 shower curtain!

Cutie knobs!

There's my bathroom!  I bet you'll all want to come over and poop in it now.  I know I do.

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  1. Well done!
    And also, paint where you live is ridiculous cheap.


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