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Monday, March 17, 2014

Les Miserables

Gibson and I are having an incredibly rough week.  Every day since last Tuesday has been AWFUL.  I look forward to Danny coming home all day, because then I have another adult to share in my misery.

...and also because I love him and miss him when he's at work.  Of course.

I really hope that Gibson is sick and doesn't have allergies, because if this is what the entirety of allergy season will be like, none of us are going to make it through.  *dramatic sigh*

I'm obviously being hyperbolic, but it really has been terrible.

Gibson has been having tantrums at least four times an hour.  Things that are guaranteed to cause a tantrum include: diaper changes, clothing changes, nose wiping, face cleaning, hand cleaning, being tired, being given water when he doesn't want any, taking his food away when he's throwing it (every time he eats), trying to use the snot sucker, cutting his finger/toenails.

So...basically every single thing we do causes a tantrum.  I could probably avoid the tantrums by letting Gibson run around in a very dirty diaper with snot dripping down his face all day, but that isn't going to happen.  Because I don't want him to look (and smell) gross.

I've kind of failed at that, because he still looks pretty gross...his face has been covered in dried snot for a week.  Blech.

I'm so ready for him to be happy again!  It's just tantrum after tantrum all day long.  I feel like I spend my days wrestling him into diapers and clothes and being kicked while trying to cut his toenails.

...or talons, rather.  They're very long.  Because HE WON'T LET ME CUT THEM.  Does anyone know of a safe way to sedate a baby?

Kidding!  Kind of.

It hasn't been an especially enjoyable week, obviously.  And it doesn't look like the happiness is coming back anytime soon.

So we could use prayers, please!  This has been harder for me to deal with than his colic when he was little...probably because I got so used to having a semi-happy baby, and now he's almost never happy for more than ten minutes at a time.

And it doesn't help that I'm sick.  I thought it was allergies, but my bright green snot would indicate otherwise.  Hoorayyyy.

Ok, that's the end of my pity party!  Gibson is napping like a good boy, so I'm going to drink some coffee and blow my nose approximately thirty times!

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  1. for the longest time I had to cut mateo's nails when he was sleeping, finally he'll let me do it for a sucker or some other bribe...good luck erin :)


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