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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Molar monster


I hate them.

Well, I like mine just fine.  But I hate Gibson's.  Because they're the worst.

The other day I realized that Gibson's second upper canine has FINALLY cut through.  Which probably contributed to his extreme grumpiness last week.

Why can't he get teeth in a normal order like other babies?  For real.  He has both upper canines but no molars.  Weirdo.

In any case, he has a molar about to pop through, and the other ones are on their way.  And his two lower canines are on their way.


When all of those teeth come through we're DONE WITH TEETHING.  Until the two year molars.  But hopefully we'll have a break before then!

We haven't had a break in teething since he started getting his top teeth at 7 months.  He has had at least one tooth coming constantly since then.  And unfortunately for me, he's an awful teether.

I have friends who are like, "My baby woke up one morning and he had eight new teeth!  I didn't even realize they were coming!  His teeth must be soft like little pillows!!!"

In our house it's: "OH MY GOSH, GIBSON'S GUMS ARE SLIGHTLY SWOLLEN!!!  You go buy all the Tylenol and teething tablets you can find.  I'm going to pray for our sanity."

And then we wait a very long month and a half for the tooth to erupt.  All the while, Gibson is drooling and screaming.  And eating lots of Tylenol and teething tablets.

Sidenote: when I give Gibson his teething tablets I ask if he wants his "pills."  Someday someone is going to hear me say that and think I'm drugging him.  /end sidenote

So anyway.  The next few months while we wait for Gibson's teeth to come in will probably be torturous.  But I can get through it.  Because once these six teeth are in we're (hopefully) done for awhile.
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  1. My baby girl has four teeth on top and two on bottom...and one molar. Talk about out of order teething too!

  2. Hello. I'll gladly babysit any time you need. Except that I live 5 hrs away. That complicates things...


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