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Monday, March 3, 2014

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Gibson isn't generally a fan of sharing things.  If we take something that he thinks belongs to him, the world may as well be ending.  Needless to say, it's tantrum city in our house lately because Gibson thinks EVERYTHING belongs to him.

If he could talk, he would obviously say "MINE!" all the time.  Thank goodness he doesn't talk.

But recently, he's started sharing with us!  Only when he wants to, of course.  And generally he wants to share things that go in his mouth...which means that then they go into our mouths.  A lot of saliva has been swapped lately.

Last night Gibson was sitting on my lap drinking his water, and decided that I needed some, too.  So he shoved the straw of his cup up my nose in an attempt to put it in my mouth.  And then I drank some (not with my nose, obviously), and then he offered some to Danny.  Then it went back into Gibson's mouth...and the cycle continued.  So much spitty water.

Gibson also likes to hand things to me if he thinks I need them.  So he'll pick up a block and hold it out for me, and won't put it down until I have taken it and thanked him.  And then he usually wants it back.  And then he gives it back to me.

This game gets old after awhile, but he seems to love it!

I love this sweet boy and his sharing games!  But I don't love his saliva in my mouth all the time.  That could stop any time, really.

Also, here's one of Gibson's 12 month photos!  I'll share one a day until his birthday!

I know what you're wondering, and the answer is YES.  I did cry my eyes out while editing this photo.  You would have, too!

I'm very emotional about my baby boy growing up this week, so you should all vote for my blog to console me.

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