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Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm sick.

You should all pity me.  Right now.

For real, though, this sucks.  I had what I thought was a sinus infection last week, and then it started to go away.  But now it's back.  With a vengeance.


And today I've started coughing.  A deep, chesty cough that feels like a rabid squirrel is trying to claw its way out of my lungs.

And I can't breathe through my nose.  At all.  So I slept with my mouth hanging open last night. I probably swallowed eleven spiders.

And my throat hurts from all the mouth breathing and spider bites.  And my nose hurts from all the nose blowing.  And the couch next to me is literally covered in snotty toilet paper.

...we aren't fancy enough to buy actual Kleenexes.

Would you like to know the worst part, though?  WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW???

I can't taste anything.

I KNOW.  It's a travesty.  Yesterday for lunch I made some leftover chicken tacos with homemade tortillas.  Which were delicious the first time.

And I couldn't taste them at all.

The texture of tacos (or any food, really) without taste is the WORST.  It's a shame I keep getting hungry, because no food sounds good to me right now.

Oh, and would you like to know the OTHER worst part?

Even though I can't taste I can still (for some reason) smell a few things.  And the thing I can smell most is some sort of awful rotting animal smell in our house.  I can't figure out where it is, because when I sniff around the kitchen I can't smell anything.  And I'm pretty sure the smell isn't coming from the inside of my nose, because I didn't smell it in the basement or at Walmart.

When Danny gets home he's on bloodhound duty.  His mission: locate the source of the rotting animal smell and eradicate it IMMEDIATELY.

I hope you're all having great days.  And that you can taste your food.

...someone should taste a taco for me, ok?  I'll taste it vicariously through you.
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  1. My hubs is dealing with the same crud right now. Get better soon pretty girl!

  2. Ick! That sounds awful. Feel better soon!

    You don't have mice do you? I hate the smell of dead mouse so much...we used to have them but that problem has been remedied. Thank goodness!


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