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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sippy cup art

Gibson drinks his milk from Munchkin straw cups that look like this:

We have five cups, and consequently five straws and lids. 

When I pair lids with cups, I like to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  So the orange cup gets a red and orange lid, the blue cup gets the blue and purple lid, and the green cup gets a blue and yellow lid.

Of course!  It's normal to do that, right?

BUT IT IS!  I found out today that Danny also does that!  He doesn't have the same color system as I do (he's obviously wrong), but he still does it!

We're obviously a perfect match.  And completely normal.

...now I just need to convince him that my color combinations are the best.  Because his aren't very pretty.

...love you, darling!

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  1. I always match my sippy lids and cups to be pretty. Actually, I even stack my colored plastic cups with the ones they look best by, and never do two cups of the same color meet. I totally get it. -Dawn

    1. Haha actually I used to do that with the plastic colored cups at my parents house, too! Two pink ones could never be stacked next to each other! I love when other people understand my crazy. :)


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