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Monday, March 10, 2014


I was going to write about Gibson's birthday party, but I'm saving that for another day.


...arriven?  Nope.  I was right the first time.  Don't mind me.

Yesterday we went to a children's museum for Gibson's birthday, and it was BEAUTIFUL outside.  Maybe a little chilly when the wind was blowing, but I didn't even wear a jacket!

And then today.



Today is the most amazing day of my entire life.  Gibson and I played on the deck for an hour this morning...and it was incredible.  I think Gibson forgot what outside was, because he was SO EXCITED to explore the deck!

And he tried to eat lots of helicopters from the trees.  Oops.

He crawled around super fast and kept standing up and pointing at things off the deck.  We sang songs and clapped our hands, and it was so nice.

I can practically hear my body thanking me for the lovely Vitamin D.

Winter can stay away forever.  That would be fine with me.  And summer can also stay away.  If we could go from spring to a week of summer (for swimming) and then to autumn, I would love it.  And no winter.  Except snow on Christmas day.

Of course, we live in the Midwest and it's supposed to snow on Wednesday.  ON MY BIRTHDAY.  What is that?  Weather.com obviously doesn't love me.
Today is Danny the husband's birthday!!  And he told me before he left for work that he hopes everyone votes for my blog today.  He's so selfless!

Just a heads up: tomorrow is Ellie's birthday and Wednesday is mine, and we have the same birthday wish as Gibson and Danny did.  But after Wednesday I'll have to come up with another reason for you all to vote, I guess.

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