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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The worst daddy

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Once upon a time, I read an article about why children should have baby dolls (you should read it, too!).  It spelled out the benefits of dolls, and I was like, "YEAH!  Gibson totally needs a baby doll!!!!  He would be so CUTE with a baby doll!"

I obviously only care about how cute Gibson is.  But the other benefits of baby dolls are good, too!

So we bought Gibson a Cabbage Patch baby for his birthday.  I was SO EXCITED to give it to him!  I imagined that he would rock his baby and feed his baby and kiss his baby.  Wouldn't that be the most adorable thing EVER?

But it turns out that Gibson is an awful father to little Albert Paxton.

He kissed the baby ONE TIME.  And it was the sweetest thing ever.

And right after he kissed his baby, he promptly tossed it on the ground.  As hard as possible.

And then he chewed on its fingers.

And then he got poop on it.

This is not what I dreamed would happen, Gibson!  You're supposed to be a kind, loving daddy!

...I mean, I know he's only a year old.  He doesn't play with ANYTHING nicely.  But still!

I try to incorporate baby Albert into the things we do...he learns sign language with us, plays with Mega Blocks, and rides around in Gibson's Cozy Coupe with him.

Except Gibson's favorite game is to toss the baby out the car window.  And laugh.

I'm scared for my future grandchildren.

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