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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winners! Photos! Weather!

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Congratulations to Camille and Kel for winning the ScriptureArt giveaway!  And thank you to everyone who entered!  Even if you didn't win, remember that you can use the coupon code spoon14 to get 10% off your entire order through the end of this year!  You get that just for being awesome.

Awesome=a reader of this blog.  Of course.

Don't you feel good about yourself now?  You should.

Yesterday it was BEAUTIFUL and we went to the park!  I was super excited to take some photos of Gibson outdoors for the first time in months...but of course we went when the light was awful and Gibson didn't want to participate in photo session time.

Because he's the worst sometimes!

But I did get some good ones of both my boys together!  They're the handsomest pair of boys I have ever met!

RIGHT?  They're so cute!  And I did get a couple good ones of my littlest boy when he wasn't aware that I was taking a picture.  Because when he saw my camera yesterday he ducked his head down so I couldn't see him.  Dork.

How cool is this kid?

Those feet just kill me.  I want him to sit like that forever!

So there you go!  Some cute boys for your dreary, cold morning.

Also, speaking of the weather, I'm mad at it.  Because yesterday it was 65 degrees and today the high is 32 or some crazy thing like that.  And it might snow.  Have I mentioned how much I seriously hate the weather in the Midwest?

Well I do.  Maybe I need to move to ... somewhere else.  Which state has the most moderate weather?  I NEED TO KNOW!

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  1. You want to move to San Francisco. The weather there is moderate-- say, 50-80 but mostly in the 60s, all year long. Seriously. But the cost of living is insane, so you probably don't really want to live there.

    1. That sounds so wonderful! But the cost of living doesn't. Booo.

      ...I suppose if the cost of living was reasonable there, it would be way overpopulated. And the Midwest would be a giant corn field. Kind of like it is now, except with fewer people. ;)

  2. I've heard Iowa City is pretty great... Except the weather sucks. But the people are Grade A Awesome.

    1. You're obviously right about the people (or at least one person), but I don't think Iowa would be much better. Darn!

  3. Obviously you want to be as close to your sissy as possible! Move in with me!!


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