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Thursday, April 24, 2014

10 ways in which short hair is better than long hair

So, I cut my hair!  Hooray!

...and no, I'm not going to share photos just yet.  It's morning and I look crazy.  And also I'm going back tomorrow to get pretty colors in it (not blue again...going more normal this time), so I'll share after that!

For those that don't know me, I have way too much hair.  Like, SO MUCH HAIR.  And it's really straight and fine, so it's pretty much just a tangled mess all the time.  Which is why I literally always have my hair in a ponytail, because otherwise it suffocates me.

There are many reasons that short hair is better for me than long hair.  HERE'S A LIST!

...it's been too long since I last made a list.  You know how I love them.

1.  I can brush though it.
There are no bird's nests to work through at the end of the day!  And I don't curse my hair fifty-three times while doing it.

2.  I'm not suffocating.
For real, my long hair made me so claustrophobic.  And also hot.  And also annoyed.

3.  No ponytail!
I'm pretty sure some people think it's against my religion to wear my hair down.  Because when I do, I get a lot of shocked "Where's your ponytail???!??!?!!" reactions.  But here's a secret: I don't love wearing my hair in a ponytail.  I did it out of obligation.

4.  Gibson can play with my hair.
Maybe now he won't pull chunks of it out or make the bird's nests that I had to brush out every night!

5.  I don't wake up being strangled by ropes of hair.
I slept so well last night.  Because my hair wasn't attempting to kill me in my sleep.

6.  I can blow dry it.
...and it won't take four and a half hours.

7.  My head feels really light.
I should probably weigh myself, because I'm pretty sure I lost seven pounds during my haircut.

8.  It won't take as long for Ellie to poop out the hair she eats.
You know how dogs eat hair sometimes, and then the last turds get connected to their butt by a single strand of hair?  And when your hair is super long it takes the dog forever to get the hair out of her butt?

...Ellie is probably the only dog who does this.  But it takes forever when she's pooping out hair, and hopefully that won't happen as much now.

Sorry, that was gross.  But it's the truth.

9.  I can use less conditioner.
Because for real, with long hair I used five tons of it.  I probably should have bought stock in it.

10.  I can do this:

Maybe if enough people vote today I'll share a photo of my hair tomorrow!  So click the banner below if you want to see my Bieber hair, okay?

...also, my hair is nothing like his.  It's much longer and less Bieber-ish.  But look at how nicely his hair flips!  Very dreamy.

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