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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

13 month non-update

It feels really weird not to be writing a 13-month update for Gibson!  For the past 12 months I've written one every month...it's like a huge part of my life is missing!

So this is a semi-update.  I have to ease myself into not doing them at all!

...except it will probably be a completely normal update, just without photos.  I just can't help myself!

Gibson weighs a little less than 25 pounds, and is 31.5" tall.  And he has the tiniest, daintiest feet EVER.

We have officially transitioned to only one nap a day, which is nice because now there's only one nap for Gibson to fight!  Hooray!  And he has started sleeping all the way through the night without waking for milk, which is amazing!  Except now he wakes up at 7:00 instead of 8:00, which isn't amazing.  I liked sleeping in!

Gibson still isn't walking consistently, but he can walk around three feet before he falls down.  Although sometimes he just collapses in a heap on the floor because he's a turd and doesn't want to walk.  And he's a champion crawler, so he is relying on that as his main mode of transportation for now.

He doesn't say a lot of words, but "talks" a LOT.  Our house is constantly filled with the sound of babble, and it's so sweet!  The words he does say are: mama, dada, dog (dah), banana (nana), and sometimes he says no (nah).  He signs eat, more, all done, milk, please (but only when I do it for him first), and dog.

We've been working on pointing out body parts, but Gibson isn't too excited about it.  He can successfully show me the noses on all his stuffed animals and Ellie, but refuses to recognize my nose as a nose.  And now he'll point at eyes, but only when he really wants to.

The child got my stubbornness, obviously.  If he doesn't want to do something, he absolutely isn't going to do it.

He's a sassy boy.

Gibson's favorite things:
-Anything with wheels.  He likes to "zoom" his trucks around...he makes a zooming noise and drives them all over the floor, walls, me, Ellie, and his other toys.
-His chair
-Being outside
-Food.  Pretty much all of it.
-Drinking water constantly.
-Team Umi Zoomi (the most annoying children's show ever, besides Yo Gabba Gabba)
-His daddy (unless he's hurt or sad; then he wants "MAMAAAAA!")
-Being a turd

Gibson's least favorite things:
-Waking up from his nap
-When his mean mom takes something away from him
-Growing molars
-Falling down
-Getting his diaper changed.  It's a battle every time, and it makes me tiiiiiiired.

With the exception of diaper changes and the random meltdowns he has, Gibson is so much fun right now!  I can't believe that he's walking...before I know it he'll be driving a car and smoking cigarettes and getting in bar fights.

...obviously I shouldn't ever let him drive, because driving leads to smoking and bar fights.

And sweet babies don't do those things.
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