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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Couch Potato

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I've mentioned Gibson's love for television many times around these parts.  He really loves watching tv.  The tiniest couch potato of all time!

For our family, watching tv is a time to snuggle and sing songs and talk about what's happening in the show.  And it's a time for Gibson to fight us while we try to snuggle and sing songs and talk about what's happening in the show.

It's also a great way to distract Gibson from getting ear drops, getting his nails cut, having his nose sucked out, getting his hair cut, changing his diaper...basically, all of the things he doesn't like for us to do.  If we didn't let him watch part of a show during those things, it would be absolutely impossible to do them.

...as it is, it's nearly impossible.  He's not a fan of personal hygiene, apparently.  And he's not easily distracted.  I don't know that I've ever met a more observant baby than Gibson.  I can't hide ANYTHING from him.

It's kind of annoying.  I thought toddlers were supposed to be tricked easily!

In any case, we obviously watch television.  And Gibson has definite preferences as far as shows go. Here's a list of Gibson's favorite shows, and I'll include where they're available!

1.  Bubble Guppies (Amazon Prime)
Bubble Guppies has been Gibson's favorite for a very long time.  Luckily, I also love it!  The songs are really great, which is all I care about, of course.  I even sing them to Danny sometimes!  He loves it.

...not really.  I wish he did, though, because I really love singing them.  I also wish that Amazon Prime would put more seasons on their instant streaming for free, because I'm really tired of the first season.

2.  Team Umi Zoomi (Amazon Prime)
Ergh, I don't love Umi Zoomi.  It's super annoying, and the actors who play the real people are AWFUL.  It's painful to watch.  But Gibson really loves it for some reason...probably because he's going to be a mathematician, and it's all about "mighty math powers."

I wasn't born with mighty math powers, so I guess I just can't understand it.

3.  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (Amazon Prime and Netflix)
Daniel Tiger is definitely mine and Danny's favorite show!  It's kind of obnoxious, and they sing really short, catchy songs over and over throughout each episode.  And there are live action segments after each episode that Gibson hates.  But the lessons the show teaches will be so helpful when Gibson is older!  It teaches about sharing, going potty, getting a shot, how to deal with anger...lots of things that are really applicable to toddlers!

And sometimes I sing these songs to Danny, too.  "If you have to go potty, STOP!  And go right away!"  It's been very helpful in reminding him to go potty.

4.  Signing Time (Netflix)
Gibson loves his Baby Signing Time DVD, and he also loves Signing Time.  The songs are super obnoxious and upbeat, but I guess that's why he likes it!  I help him do the signs while we watch, although the signs on Signing Time aren't as useful for a one-year-old as the ones on Baby Signing Time.

5.  Clifford (Netflix)
Gibson's favorite thing about Clifford is yelling "DAH!" at the screen whenever he sees the dogs.  Which is all the time, because it's about dogs.  And sometimes he barks at them!  Clifford is one of the least annoying children's shows, in my opinion.

6.  Dora the Explorer (Amazon Prime)
Gibson only kind of loves Dora.  It really just depends on the day.  He loves yelling "answers" at the tv when they ask questions, and he likes the map song, which is the most annoying thing in the world.

7.  Super Why (Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus)
This show will probably be better when Gibson is older, since it focuses on reading and problem solving.  But Gibson likes the songs and sparkly letters...although he tends to get bored when there isn't music going.

In case you were taking notes because you want to create a children's show that Gibson will love, here are the elements you'll need:
-Lots of obnoxious songs
-No live action segments
-A singing map
-Questions that can be answered

Bonus points go to the person who creates a show that will keep Gibson from clawing my eyes out while I try to cut his nails and suck snot out of his nose!

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