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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Early to bed, early to rise...

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I have exciting news!  Gibson has been sleeping through the night!

But I also have bad news.

He has decided that waking up at 6:00 is the best.  And it makes me SAD.

Why can't he sleep until 7:30 like he used to?  If I try to give him milk and put him back in bed, he just cries a lot instead of sleeping.  Darn it.

For some reason I feel ever more tired now than I did when he wasn't sleeping through the night.  I don't know if it's because I go to bed later, or because I wake up earlier, or because I'm older.  I just don't know.

It also might be because I decided to stop drinking caffeine like an IDIOT.  I haven't had any in four days.  I think.  I don't really know.  My brain can't think.

In any case, I might have a small cup of coffee this morning, because I feel like I'm melting into the couch right now.

Oh hello Adele Dazeem!
Do you think Ellie could take on the role of nanny like Nana in Peter Pan?  Because I could probably sleep for the rest of the day if she and Gibson let me.

...she would be an awful nanny, who am I kidding?  They would spend their day eating poop and going through the trash.  Nasty.

So anyway.  The moral of the story is: I wish Gibson would sleep in a little.  And I'm sleepy today.  And Ellie eats poop.

The end.
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