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Friday, April 4, 2014

Ellie speaks

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Well, we're stuck in ear infection and molar land here.  Gibson spent most of the night moaning in his sleep, and it makes me want to cry.  Poor baby.

And I stayed up until midnight reading Divergent.  Which was a mistake.


Needless to say, I'm exhausted.  Per usual.  Like moms tend to be.

Except this time it's partly my fault.  Whoops!

So here's a random-full post for you!

The exam rooms at the pediatrician's office are SO BLAZING HOT.  I understand that the children are usually stripped down to a diaper when they're there, but the parents aren't!  I wore a t-shirt with no jacket yesterday and there was still sweat dripping down my back.


Gibson hates being confined.  At all.  So doctor's appointments are always a nightmare.  They hold his arm against his body to take his temperature, and he thrashes around.  They try to keep him still to listen to his lungs, and he screams.  And heaven forbid they try to look in his ears!

In order for a doctor to see into Gibson's ears, I have to put him in a headlock.  Needless to say, I hate doctor's appointments as much as he does.  It turns out I don't especially enjoy putting my one-year-old in a headlock while he screams.

Gibson has discovered his tongue, which is adorable.  So he says, "Llaaaallaaaalalalala" while flicking his tongue around.  And sometimes he just moves it around like a little snake.

I'm awfully glad he's not a snake.  Yuck.

But if I had given birth to a snake, I would obviously love it.  Maybe.

I still haven't shaved my legs from my last random post.  Which is quite unfortunate.  Because I have man legs now.

Luckily the dreams about going in public with man legs have stopped, so I don't feel the pressure to shave them anymore.  HAIRY LEGS 4 LYFE!

Gibson put a car key in a box of tampons yesterday.  I'm glad I was in the bathroom with him, because otherwise I would have torn the house apart looking for it.  Because who would think to look in a box of tampons for a missing key?

...Gibson might, I guess.  Since he's the one who put it there.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but Ellie talks to us.  With a voice.  Which sounds suspiciously like my voice, except lower.  And with a lisp.

Sometimes she says really funny things and we laugh a lot.

Like the other night, Danny was reminiscing about Friends for some reason and said "Princess Consuela Bananahammock!"  And Ellie said, "That's me, what do you want?"  And we laughed for ten minutes.

...we're not weird.  I know you're probably thinking that we're the weirdest, but that's not true.

Ellie is the weird one.

Also, sometimes we decide to stop talking to Ellie out loud, because it will confuse Gibson.  Especially since she pronounces words strangely, and we don't want him to start speaking like her.  BUT WE JUST CAN'T STOP.

I couldn't be happier that Gibson is still asleep right now.  He was awake crying/moaning/coughing/banging his head into things from 4:30 until 6:15.  So he definitely needs to sleep if we're going to have any semblance of a good day.

We're eliminating dairy from Gibson's diet to see if it helps with the constant ear infections.  That will be hard, since he eats dairy at literally every meal.  But if it works, it'll be worth it!

I'm going to go drink some coffee now.  Here's a photo of a unicorn.  To make your day magical.

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