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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gibson the Conductor

Well, Gibson has a new love.

At some point he loved Marco the Changing Table Monkey.  And although he has loved other toys since then, I don't know that he loved anything as much as he did Marco.

But now he LOVES his Disney Amazing Animals train.


We have some lovely friends who let us look through the toys their kids have outgrown, and of course we took this train.  It's so cute!  But Gibson didn't really seem to care about it much.  We've had it for months, and it just sat by his toy basket, unused and sad.

We try to rotate toys out so Gibson doesn't have too many in play at once, so the train got moved to the guest room for awhile.

The other day Gibson must have heard the train calling out to him or something, because he crawled into the guest room and pulled the front car of the train off a shelf.

And since then, he hasn't been without his train for more than fifteen minutes.  He puts other toys in the back of it and drives them around, and he drives them on our legs and chairs.  He throws it onto the couch and windowsill.  He whacks the tv stand with it.  He whacks Ellie with it.  He whacks my knees with it.

...so really, he's using his train as a weapon most of the time.  But if it makes him happy, I'm fine with it!

Also, the train sings "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from The Lion King, which prompted Danny to look up Jonathan Taylor Thomas on IMDB.  And that reminded me of how I always planned on marrying JTT.

I'm glad I didn't.  Because Gibson wouldn't be nearly so cute with a different daddy.

...and for other reasons, too, of course.  Like that I love my husband.

And now Gibson is driving his train into the kitchen, so I'm going to go make sure he doesn't put it in Ellie's water.  Because that's a real possibility.
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  1. I had a huge crush on JTT too!! :) lol. I'd forgotten all about it!


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