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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gibson's Chair

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I don't know if I ever told you about Gibson's chair.  So I guess I'll tell you now.

Gibson has a chair.

...that's all there is to tell, I suppose.  We got it for him for his birthday, and at first he really didn't like it.  He couldn't get into or out of it without falling on his face.  And falling on his face means lots of screaming.  So it just sat by the window, unused and lonely.

But of course I used it for photos, because how cute is Gibson in his chair?

One day, he decided to love his chair more than anything else.  And he learned to climb into it like a big boy, but still fell on his face trying to get out of it.  Which, again, resulted in lots of screaming.

But that didn't stop him!  At some point he realized that, by standing on his chair, he could see out the window.  And Gibson LOVES THE WINDOW.

Now that he's a big almost 13-month-old, Gibson is an expert at getting into and out of his chair.  He steps down with his feet instead of falling off face first, which is super nice, because...less screaming is always nice.

Except now he's super cocky about his chair-climbing abilities, and he has started trying to climb the back of his chair to get on the window seat.

I left the living room to get him a snack the other day.  When I came back in, he had both knees on the arm of his chair.  And he wasn't holding on to anything.

Another time, I heard a bump while he was on his chair.  I looked over, and all I could see were two baby feet straight up in the air; his body was hidden by the side of his chair.  It turns out that he had dropped a toy over the side, and instead of getting off like a normal person he dove over the edge.

Gibson also likes to stand on his chair without holding onto anything.  And just bounce.  And almost fall over the edge and whack his head on things.

He absolutely wants me to have a heart attack.

In any case, Gibson loves his chair.  And Ellie also loves it, which means that it's always covered in five tons of dog hair.


And I didn't want to mention it, but while Gibson was having diaper-free time the other day he peed all over his chair.

So it's covered in five tons of dog hair and also baby urine.

...you might not want to sit in Gibson's chair when you come over.  Even though we cleaned it extensively.  You just never know what lurks beneath the fabric.
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