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Friday, April 18, 2014

Gibson's treasures

Gibson has a tendency to latch onto random objects around our house and carry them around for hours.  And chew on them, and whack them against the television, and scream when I take them away from him.

For your reading pleasure, here's a list of the random objects Gibson has decided to love in the past week:

Pantyhose in a plastic ball
I honestly don't even know where he found this.  But he crawled into the living room with the little plastic ball in his hand, and didn't let go of it for hours.  He ate with it in his hand like a weirdo, and, of course, screamed when I took it away to change his clothes.

McDonald's cup
Today Gibson found a McDonald's cup and carried it around the living room.  And then he put it on the tile so he could toss it in front of him and chase it across the floor.  And then he started sticking his finger in the straw hole, so I took it away from him because plastic is sharp.  And he screamed.

Ellie's tennis ball
Gibson learned how to throw a ball the other day, and whenever he comes across Ellie's tennis ball he crawls around with it in his hand and then throws it over and over so that he can chase it.  And sometimes he sits really close to Ellie and throws it directly at her eyes...I think he thinks he's playing with her?  And then Ellie takes it away because she thinks he's playing, and he screams.

A spoon
Gibson has a weird love for cutlery, which is unfortunate because it's dangerous.  Especially when he finds a fork and tries to gouge his eyes out.  But recently he found a spoon on the floor (I don't know how it got there), and he dragged it around the house and poked things with it for a very long time.  He really liked poking the television with it, and then I took it away from him.  And he screamed.


Nope.  Screamed is the past tense of scream.  In case you wondered.  It's not screamt.  My brain doesn't work.  But "screamed" just doesn't look write right to me.

Rash and Remedy Cream
Remember how I have a tiny bottle of Rash and Remedy Cream from Mommy's Club?  Well, Gibson really loves it.  He likes to hold it in his hand, poke things with it, and try to eat it.  And when he tries to eat it I have to take it away.  And he screams.

His foam sword
One time we were at Hobby Lobby, and Danny insisted that we buy Gibson a foam sword.  Gibson really, really loves his sword.  Today he carried it around for awhile, and poked the tv with it.  I was fine with that, because it's foam.  But then he started chewing on it, and I was worried that his sharp vampire teeth would bite pieces off, so I took it away from him.  This time he didn't scream!  Because he found Ellie's tennis ball and started throwing it at her.

Also, sidenote (inspired by Gibson's vampire teeth): at church on Sunday I was being an idiot and put my finger near Gibson's mouth.  And he took that opportunity to bite my finger with the force of a thousand bear traps.  And it hurt terribly, but I was a good girl and didn't scream!  And then I showed Danny the tooth marks on my finger, and he, for reasons I'll never understand, put his finger in Gibson's mouth.  And Gibson promptly bit him, too.  /end sidenote

Pumice stone
This is the weirdest one, I think, because Danny and I have literally no idea where he found it.  I'm pretty sure it was in a drawer in the bathroom that Gibson can't reach, so maybe Ellie helped him up there?  In any case, I came home from the store and there Gibson was, crawling around with a pumice stone in his hand.  And he wouldn't let go of it, and then he started chewing on it.  And then we found pieces of it on the side table that he had been whacking it on, and we took it away.  And he didn't scream, surprisingly!

The moral of the story is: Gibson gets attached to random inanimate objects.  And screams a lot.  My life certainly isn't boring!
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Spoiler alert: I'll be sending you the pumice stone that has been on my feet and in Gibson's mouth.  Delicious!
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