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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gibson's tricks, and a giveaway winner!

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I've been working on teaching Gibson a few "tricks" lately.

...like a dog.  Except way cooler because he's a human!

Right before his birthday I taught him how to hold up one finger when I asked how old he is...so obviously he's teachable, right?

Apparently not.  Here's how our learning sessions go:

Mom: Gibson, what does Woody say?  "Yeeeeee-haw!"  Can you say it?  "Yeeeeee-haw!"
Gibson: *blank stare*
M: Gibson, what does Woody say?  "Yeeee-haw!"
G: *points at Woody*
M: Yeah, there's Woody!  What does he say?  "Yeeee-haw!"
G:  Hahahahaha.  *points at Woody and crawls away*

M:  Gibson, where's your cow?
G: *points at cow and laughs*
M:  Yeah, here's the cow!  Cow!  The cow says "Moooooo!"  Can you say it?  "Mooooo!"
G:  Mmmmmmmm.  Hahahahaha!
M:  Good job, buddy!  Say "MmmmmOOOO!"
G:  *points at the cow and crawls away*

M:  Gibson, where's Ellie?
G:  *pokes Ellie's eyeball*
M:  There's Ellie!  She's a dog.  Can you say "dog?"
G:  *stares at me blankly*
M:  Duh!  Duh!  Dog!  Can you say it?
G:  *pokes Ellie's eyeball and crawls away*

M:  Gibson, where is the dinosaur's eye?  *points at eye*  Where is the eye?
G:  *whines*
M:  Gibson, can you show me the eye?  See mommy's eye?
G:  *whacks the dinosaur book*
M:  Good job pointing, buddy!  See the eye?  It's right here! *helps Gibson point at it*
G:  *throws the book, screams, and crawls away*

How am I ever going to teach Gibson cool party tricks necessary life skills like pointing at eyes if he won't sit still?  His friends will all be pointing at eyes and he'll just be giggling in the corner like a weirdo.

But he'll be my little weirdo, I guess.
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