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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I like big butts: Carrying your fluff

I haven't written a post about cloth diapers in awhile!  And this isn't so much about the actual diapers as what you carry them in.

Let's talk diaper bags!

I KNOW RIGHT!  So exciting.

When I was pregnant I did quite a bit of research about diaper bags.  All I knew was that I wanted a fairly large bag that didn't look too diaper bag-ish.  I chose the Skip Hop Studio bag.

I got it for Christmas, and it was SO CUTE.  And there were so many pockets, so OF COURSE it would work perfectly!

Well, it didn't work for me.  But I lived with it for over a year, because diaper bags are expensive.

Here's what didn't work about it:

-It just didn't have the space I needed for cloth diapers.  Disposables work great in it, but fluffy diapers are too big!
-It doesn't have a cross-body strap.  I don't know why I didn't think of that before I chose it, but I like having a bag that goes across my body so my arms are both free.
-When it was full, it was impossible to zip shut.  And it wouldn't stay on my shoulder when it was full.
-I couldn't keep it organized at all.  The pockets inside aren't huge, and they don't expand much to hold wipes or diapers.
-When something spilled in the bag (which happened more often than I would like to admit) it soaked through to the outside of the bag.  Yuck.

I decided a long time ago that, when we had the money, I would get a Vera Bradley Convertible Baby Bag.  I love Vera Bradley (way too much), and it can be worn as a messenger bag, a backpack, or on one shoulder.  Perfect!

Lucky for me, Zulily had a Vera Bradley sale and I found the Convertible Baby Bag way cheaper than on the Vera Bradley website!  Woo hoo!  So I snatched it up, and I'm SO glad I did!

Here's what I love about it!

-The pockets inside are mesh with elastic at the top.  They expand to fit things!  Hooray!
-When the pockets are full there is still room in the main compartment for other things.
-So far I haven't been able to fill it TOO full.  It always zips!  It helps that it's pretty deep.
-The inside is laminated, so if something spills it won't soak through.
-It can be worn as a messenger bag...seriously, why didn't I think about that before I chose a bag?  It's so nice!
-It can fit cloth diapers!!  Hallelujah!
-It can be thrown in the washer if it gets dirty.  And I guarantee that it will get dirty at some point.

And also it's ridiculously cute.  Which is always a plus, right?

I still like my Skip Hop bag, and it will stay in my car with extra clothes and a couple of diapers for emergencies.  But for everyday use with cloth diapers, it just didn't work!

I really like to know what other moms carry in their diaper bags, so I'll tell you what I always have in mine!  Just because I'm sure you want to know.  And even if you don't, I'm telling you.  Ha!

-At least two diapers
-Wet bag
-Organic fruit/veggie snack pouch (I'll tell you more about these soon!)
-Gibson's water cup
-Perfect touch sanitizer
-Rash and remedy cream
-A book
-A couple of small toys
-One shirt and a pair of pants

I try not to drag everything in our house with us when we go out, but I'm terrified of being caught without something we need!  I'm a chronic over-preparer.

It's a problem.  Except it's really not, because we're ALWAYS PREPARED.

Like the boy scouts, right?  Or something?  I don't really know.

Now for some photos!

A pocket on the front with a magnetic closure.  There are two plastic-lined pockets above the flap to this pocket, as well.

Inside!  In the pockets are puffs (a side pocket meant for bottles), wipes, snacks, my stuff, and extra clothes.  In the body of the bag there are two diapers, a book, toys, and the perfect touch sanitizer.

It can zip even though it's full!  Hooray!

This is how it becomes a backpack.  I spy baby toes!

Even Gibson loves it!

Now you tell me!  What do you always have in your diaper bag?  And what kind do you use?  I WANT TO KNOW PLEASE.
You know what you should keep in your diaper bag?  Your computer.  So you can vote for me on the go.  Click down there, please!  :-*

That's a kiss face.  Scandalous, huh?

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  1. I ran into the same problem with diaper bags. I had too many criteria to meet and ultimately the cloth diapers took up so much space there was practically no room for anything else. As soon as Amelia turned two and a half I ousted the diaper bag altogether in favor of a smaller cloth shopping bag. It also helps that she isn't doing the cloth diapers anymore....

  2. I have a Thirty-One bag that I use as a diaper bag and while it's nice and big, it doesn't zip! I can't tell you how many times I've dumped it out in the car. I usually keep diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, snacks, my stuff, and other little things. The pockets on the outside are big enough to fit Nolan's water cup so I don't have to worry about that possibly leaking on the inside. If we decide to have another baby I'll definitely look for a bag that has a zipper (plus my bag now has Nolan's name on it so it'll stick with him).

  3. I have the same bag in Canterberry Magenta. It's my go to bag when we travel. I also love the Make a Change diaper bag. I got it as a gift in Midnight Blues. It's a great one if you need quick and easy access to diapers. Vera is just fabulous! The first diaper bag I got was the Charlie bag from Timi & Leslie which I still use. It's a bit on the heavier side but it's so fashion forward. I have one too many diaper bags.....maybe I have a problem, lol.

  4. I have the Vera Bradley backpack (just the backpack, not convertible) and I love it! It holds so much more than you think and I love how the inside is laminated. I started with a Coach diaper bag that I love, but I felt like there wasn't enough room for everything I need to take with me at this stage. I'll use it much more when baby girl gets a bit older I feel.

  5. My diaper bag is "Just One You" from Caters. I love it. It's large enough for my cloth diapers and the other things that come from having four kids. It can be worn on one shoulder or messenger bag style. It zips shut. A must when curious children are around. It doesn't have a lot of pockets, which I like because I tend to just chuck everything in the center anyways. It does have two exterior pockets for sippy cups or bottles. And it has two clips on the sides that allow me to clip it to the stroller handle. A really nice feature. I usually carry around 2 cloth diapers, 1 pkg disposable wipes, my wet bag, the little change pad that came with it, 2 sippy cups, 1 container coconut oil, 1 container arrowroot cookies, a few assorted toys, trucks etc. DDs purse, a handful of travel sized baby lotions, shampoos and soaps, a tube diaper cream, a comb and a multipurpose little tool thing that is a flashlight, screwdriver, tape measure thingy. And some baby tylenol. I highly recommend the multipurpose tool thingy.

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