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Monday, April 21, 2014

Just some things

My brain is full of things!  So we'll be random today, okay?

I went on a trip with my mommy!  It was very fun, and I bought very many things.

You should all go to a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store at some point.  I got a brand new Moen undermount sink for $4, and six shutters for $3.  It's my new favorite place in the entire world.

You'll be so proud of me!  I shaved my legs, finally.  Although they're already pokey again.

...this is why I never shave my legs.  They're only smooth for maybe an hour.

Gibson is very talkative these days.  He likes to make his lips as small as possible and say "Bababa!"  He's super weird.

Also, he's been calling me Mama very sweetly.  I'll go to pick him up and he says "Mama!" and holds his arms out to me.  Sweet boy.

Gibson has regressed in his walking skills...he's just not interested in walking at all!  It's probably because he's the best crawler in the entire world; he doesn't want to lose that status!

We're on a quest to fix most of the things the inspector found wrong with our house.  This weekend, with the help of our parents, we fixed the deck, added vent fans to the bathrooms, and blew insulation into the attic.

We're superstars, obviously.

Gibson has started driving his cars on other people, which is adorable.  And he makes car noises while he does it.  Which is adorable.

We bought some crackers for Gibson, and it turns out he loves them.  A lot.  More than almost every other food.

He has also decided to protest any food that isn't grapes, bananas, pancakes, or crackers.  Which is super annoying, because he can't live on crackers and grapes.

I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday!  This long hair has to go.  It makes me hot and annoyed.

Also I should be writing a shopping list right now, but instead I'm writing this blog.  Because who needs food?


...just kidding.  I need food.  A lot.

Speaking of food, there's some Easter candy calling my name.  Or maybe I'll be an adult and eat actual breakfast food.  We'll see.
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