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Saturday, April 26, 2014

My dream post

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I've never written an entire post in a dream, but I did last night.  So here is that post; it definitely won't make sense.  I apologize for my subconscious in advance.
Sometimes kids poop and pee in their swimsuits.  It's so annoying, right?  But I'm here to tell you how you can easily clean the poop and pee out of them!

First, chastise your child for pooping in his swimsuit.  He knows better!

Second, drop your kids off at their very rich grandparents' mansion and tell them that you're leaving them forever because they pooped in their swimsuits.

Third, run away really fast to trick them.  They'll never poop in their swimsuits again!

I'm an evil genius.
Haha!  Just kidding.  Here are the ways you should actually clean poop out of a swimsuit:

Place it on the dining room table.  Using a paper towel, scoop the poop out of the swimsuit and put it in a box.  Put the box in the trash.

Ta da!  The poop is gone.

And to clean pee out of swimsuits, use a paper towel to wipe it.  Easy peasy!

If your dog drinks the pee, you should wipe her nose with a paper towel, too.  It'll clean her right up!

So, there's the post I dream-wrote.

...not weird at all.  Not.  At.  All.

Also, in my dream Danny told me that it was a stupid post.  And just now in real life he said that I shouldn't post it because it's weird.

Danny is always trying to kill my blog dreams.  Unfortunately for him, I'm a stubborn lady (I get it from Gibson), and I'm posting this anyway.  HAHAHA!

So now you know the kinds of things I dream about.  Blogging, pee, and poop.  I'm pretty sure I had a dream about chips last night, too.

Mmmmm, chips.

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  1. Let me ponder for a minute in order to come up with an adequate response to this.

  2. gasp! your blog got a makeover! it's beeeeeeeaauuuuuutiful!


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