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Monday, April 28, 2014

The sweetest boy

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If you've read my blog for more than thirty seconds, you know that Gibson is a dramatic, hardheaded little boy.  And he's not always super sweet.

Like, he really enjoys whacking me in the face.  And trying to rip my glasses from my face and my earrings from my ears.  And shaking his head no when I ask for a kiss.  And when I do something he doesn't like, he cries for daddy.  And sometimes he says, "I don't even like you, mommy!"

It's sad, I know.

But don't worry!  Never fear!  Gibson has been a sweet boy lately.

...in-between being a turdlet, of course.

Turdlet=tiny turd, in case you wondered.

My favorite thing Gibson has started doing recently is lifting his hands to be picked up.  When I walk up to him he reaches for me, and I love love love it!  And sometimes he decides to be a real heart melter and say "Mama!" while he reaches for me.

Pardon me while I DIE OF HAPPINESS.

He has also started giving me kisses again!  Yay!  Apparently he was on a kiss strike for awhile...every time I would try to kiss his sweet face, he pushed me away.  And shook his head "no" when I asked for a kiss.  It was sad.

The other day we played a game where I would lean toward him, and he would bite me on the mouth.  Which is his version of a kiss when he's being silly.  And then he tried to lick me and I ended it.

If he wants to lick someone, he can lick Ellie.  She would love it.

And now I'm going to go play with and/or snuggle my sweet boy!

...anyone want to take bets on the likelihood of him wanting to snuggle me?
Maybe if you click the banner below, Gibson will snuggle his mommy today!

...he probably won't.  But it's worth a shot, right?
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