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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The World's Least Cooperative Patient

As you all know, Gibson has had issues with his ears since January.  It's been really unfortunate...mostly because of all the screaming.

You know how much I hate the screaming.

So we went to the ENT on Friday to do a hearing test and talk about doing tubes.

And good news!  Gibson's ears were free of fluid, so tubes won't be necessary right now!  Hooray!

And there's even more good news!  Gibson has officially been crowned the World's Least Cooperative Patient!

So.  That's awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty used to Gibson's antics at the doctor's office.  In order for anyone to look in his ears, I have to put him in a headlock with his hands pinned to his sides and a nurse has to hold his legs down.  And even then he thrashes and shrieks so much that it's really hard for the doctor to see anything.

And heaven forbid anyone try to take his temperature or measure his head circumference!!  It's the worst torture, apparently.

Luckily, the screaming is useful when it comes to looking at his throat.

Would you like to know what makes this experience even worse?

When the doctor tells me that my son is the worst patient he's ever had.

...thanks for letting me know.  It's not like I had a hunch that he's awful at the doctor; I'm so glad you took the time to tell me.


And sincere thanks to the sweet nurse who told me that her daughter was the same way and told me that I'm a good mom.  I like you the best.
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  1. MJ's doctor will have her sit on my lap, I will put her legs between mine, one arm holding her around her chest to keep hands down, doc also helps with his free hand. Then I use the other across the top part of her bed to keep it as still as possible. Usually it works and the doctor can get a look in her ears. I can't believe the doctor told you Gibson was his worst patient. That is so rude.

  2. I'm glad Gibson doesn't need tubes because you would have to find another doctor. This one probably wouldn't do the procedure once Gammy punched him in his rude face!


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