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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tiny tootsies

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So, it turns out that Gibson has the smallest feet of any baby EVER in the history of the earth.

...that's obviously not true.  Probably.  There's no way to know.

But for real, he has tiny feet, especially for a fairly tall baby.  Or toddler.  Whatever he is now...I can't keep up.

He has a couple pairs of size 4 shoes, and they're too big!  But 3's don't fit well because his feet are so chunkalicious.

So if you see us out in public and Gibson is barefoot, it's because of his weirdo feet.  Shoes just don't fit on them very well.  And socks don't look good with shorts, so he obviously can't wear them in the summer!  And also, they're ridiculously tiny and we lose them a lot and sometimes can't find any.

It's also possible that he was wearing shoes when we left the house, and he proceeded to chuck them across the car while we were driving.

That happens a lot, unfortunately.

If you remember from my last foot post, people tend to look at us with judgment in their hearts when Gibson is barefoot.

But luckily the judgment has stopped (or I haven't noticed it, at least).  I'm assuming that's because now it's actually warm enough for a baby to be barefoot, unlike last time.  When it was still winter.


And don't worry.  When Gibson starts walking more we'll find shoes that fit him.  Because the last thing I want is for his sweet little feet to get poked with needles and glass and cigarettes and dog poop and all the other things that are on the ground.
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  1. My baby is almost exactly the same age as yours, and he still wears a pair of 6-12 month boots. (I keep trying to tell him his boots are out of season, but it's hard to reason with him.) They are pretty much the only pair of shoes we could keep on him for the last 6 months. His feet are quite skinny, so most baby shoes just fall right off because they are designed for chunky baby feet (which I assume are more common). The other day I tried on a pair of size four squeaker shoes on him to try to show him how cool they are, but he just sat down and screamed until I took them off. Awesome!


  2. Love your blog!! Love the humor and love you show your family. It's amazing!! Just started my own blog. If you get the chance check it out and advice would be amazing from you. Will be posting again later today. Got chores first :) thanks and keep it up. You are an amazing mom and blogger. Your family is beautiful btw.. Gibson looks so cute and I love his hair cut.

  3. My goddaughter will be 2 in july and she still only wears 3/4 shoes and has the same problem as Gibson. Her feet are too chunky for size 3s and 4s are too long. Her mom has to be very creative when it comes to shoe shopping :)

  4. Joely also has ridiculously small feet. She is 21 months old and sometimes wears a 4, mostly still wears a 3. She wore newborn shoes until she was 9 months old.

    I actually kept her barefoot most of the time while she was learning to walk. I don't know where I heard it, but I heard kids learn to walk better without shoes. I'm sure there are plenty of people who say the exact opposite, you know how it goes. So she must have developed calloused Hobbit feet from going barefooted everywhere. I finally gave in and started putting her in shoes when people were giving me hideous looks when she was walking around outside at a festival barefoot. It didn't phase her a bit, but it obviously troubled everyone else.

    1. That's what Gibson's pediatrician recommended! He's barefoot almost all of the time...I just feel so weird taking him out in public without shoes for some reason! Probably because of all the hideous looks. :)


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