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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Toddler nutrition and a Sweetie Pie Organics review!

So, it turns out that feeding a toddler is harder than feeding a baby.  Because when Gibson was under a year old, formula provided all the nutrition he needed...and now I'm responsible for making sure he gets what he needs.

Um, that's a lot of pressure.

And it's especially hard when a certain little boy goes through phases of not wanting to eat anything except bananas.  And water.  And PANCAKES.  PANCAKES AREN'T HEALTHY!!!

Of course I know that he can survive on bananas and pancakes.  But I would obviously prefer that he also eat some vegetables or something.  

Luckily, I've found ways to sneak vegetables and other good stuff into Gibson's diet since he won't eat them!

When Gibson ate dairy, I would make quesadillas that were mostly spinach and a tiiiiiiny bit of cheese.  He loved them, of course, because CHEESE!

Also, I've found that he loves smoothies!  I put a big handful of spinach, a few frozen berries, a little banana, some almond milk, and some coconut oil in my Ninja (hiiiii-ya!) and blend it all up.  And it's delicious and Gibson loves it.  That's our new afternoon snack.

Another snack I love are Sweetie Pie Organics Just Real Fruits & Veggies snacks.  I was sent a box of each flavor they offer, and Gibson LOVES them.

These snacks are brand new, and will be sold on Amazon soon.  They're pouches of freeze dried fruits and vegetables...no sugar added, no preservatives, gluten free, non GMO, and organic!

Gibson's favorite flavor is the banana, sweet corn, and blueberry.  This child loves anything with bananas!  At the moment he is eating the mango, sweet corn, and apple one, and he also likes the third flavor, which is pineapple, green pea, and apple.

The only complaint I have is that there's a powder in the bottom of the pouches, so if I dump it out it's a little messy.  But that is easily cleaned up, and it's such an easy and healthy snack that I don't really mind!

Gibson's current snack!

As we speak, these Sweetie Pie Organics snacks are available on Zulily!  They're $20 for six boxes, which is a great deal!  You can buy them on this page for the next two days!  These snacks will retail for $4.95 a box, so buying them on Zulily would be a savings of over a dollar for each box.

Also, in case you wondered, these snacks are really good for shoving in your child's mouth at church when he's yelling.  And also at the doctor's office when he's yelling.  

...they're pretty much good to shove in your child's mouth no matter where you are.

I'm definitely still intimidated by being one of two people who are responsible for Gibson's nutrition, but it's nice to have found a couple of things that make it a little easier.

...although we still eat pancakes at least once a week.  Oh well!
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...and now I want bacon.  Real bad.

Also, I should add that I wasn't compensated for writing this post about delicious snacks.  I really love the Sweetie Pie Organics snacks, and I hope you try them and love them, too!

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