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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Would you like to know the worst thing about the weather getting warmer?

...besides the fact that I sweat a lot and look like a mess.



This is not okay with me.  Every time I see one of those stupid little sugar ants I just want to cry.

...although the ants are kind of my fault, because I left the maple syrup in the living room once.  Whoops.

Anyway, would you like to know what's worse than ants?


They're the grossest, most awful bugs EVER.  And I've never had to deal with them until we moved in here!  But now I have these awful little things wiggling around my house with all their antennae and legs and fishiness.


And I've seen a couple of spiders!!!  They were tiny, I guess, but they still give me the willies.

Like, I'm sitting here shivering right now.  Because I keep thinking about the silverfish and spiders.  Blech.

...it's not like my house is infested with vermin, by the way.  I've seen three silverfish and maybe two spiders.  But that's way too many for me!

Why can't kittens find their way into my house instead of bugs?  That would be much nicer, I think.

Or cupcakes!  If cupcakes would sneak through the cracks in my house that would be the best.  Cupcakes definitely don't give me the willies.  And they don't have antennae or legs.

So, if anyone has advice for getting rid of silverfish or creating a cupcake that can walk, please let me know!

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  1. Hmm. When I google "silverfish bug," I get three images that look like a cross between and armadillo and a roach that make me want to scream. I also get a picture of a house centipede, which is skinny, brown, moves super fast, and has really long legs that almost look like hair. Fortunately they don't usually dash across the bathroom until I'm already seated on the toilet, yk? Those puppies are completely harmless, and do us the favor of eating roach nymphs. So if what you have are the hairy guys, they are probably doing you a favor. If you have the armadillos, gah; my sympathy!

    1. Quite unfortunately, they're the weird silver armadillo bugs. And they are SO GROSS. I need to do some research to see if they're harmful, but I don't want to see pictures of them! Blech!

    2. Erin,

      Silverfish are harmless, unless, like Valerie and I, you love your books. They will eat them. But they only like wet places, so bathrooms, basements, etc. Happy hunting!


  2. okay, i googled it and the silverfish does look nasty. but, cockroaches. don't forget cockroaches. the EWWWWest.

  3. Buy a kitten and let it hunt the bugs?


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