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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gibson the strange

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Yesterday I was telling my sister about all the cute things Gibson has been doing lately, and realized that he's changed like crazy recently!  I like having lists of his quirks (otherwise I won't remember in five years!).  So let's make one together!!  It'll be a party!

...it might only be fun for me to make these lists.  But hopefully you'll endure my list party anyway!

Gibson has started doing the actions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with me.  And it's ADORABLE.  He skips some parts, though.  His actions go: "The Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the water spout.  WASHED THE SPIDER OUT!  Out came the sun.  Crawl away from mom laughing."

...the rain is obviously not an important part of the song in Gibson's world, but the spider being washed out is the BEST.  He gets SO EXCITED about doing that move.  He obviously won't be an advocate for spider welfare in the future.  Thank goodness.

With the onset of walking has come lots of cuteness!  My favorite thing Gibson does now is when he grabs a mixing bowl from the cabinet in the kitchen and toddles into the living room with it.  So ridiculous.

When I say "Night night, Gibson!" and start snoring, he pokes me in the mouth to wake me up.  And he thinks it's literally the funniest thing in the entire world, so we do it over and over and over.

Gibson really likes my glasses, so now when he tries to rip them off my face I turn my head and say "Those are my GLASSES!" in a strange accent.  Apparently, that's the greatest thing in the world, because he makes me say it over and over.

The other day Danny was in the bathroom, so I asked Gibson where he was.  He went stumbling down the hallway going "DA!  DAAAA!  HIDAAAAAAA!"

When we say "Uh-oh!" Gibson tries to say it, too.  Except he just says "Ohhhhhh."  Still cute.

He has started waving at people (finally!  Stubborn kid.), but he waves at himself.  And he puts his fingers as close to his face as possible when he does it, so he's flicking his face with them.=-'0


Guess who wanted to help write this blog post?

Anyway.  Sometimes I chase Gibson around the house on my hands and knees making kissy noises, which he thinks is the BEST.  He crawls under the dining room table and shrieks with laughter.  And then I catch him and kiss his sweet cheeks!  That's my favorite part.

When I offer my water cup to Gib=son, [[[[l9l9=[i[[[ii[i[=o,.]

...sorry.  Anyway.  When I offer my water cup to Gibson, he gets this weird shy smile on his face where he squints his eyes up really small.  And then he drinks from it and laughs.  Weirdo.

Last night we chopped up a kitchen cabinet to make room for an over range microwave, and I got my quilting cutting mat out to help draw straight lines.  Apparently sitting on it is the BEST.  Gibson keeps going over to it, sitting down, and laughing.  And then he crawls away and repeats the process.

Isn't my kid weird?  And adorable?  AND THE BEST??

...the answer is yes.  In case you didn't know.

What are some super weird things about your kids/husbands/pets/wives/friends/cars?
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  1. Gibson does some seriously cute things!
    Right now my two year old's funniest quirk is doing the Spring Chicken Dance from the Bubble Guppies when I ask him what sound a chicken makes. He thinks it's the best thing ever, and usually falls over giggling. My 7 month old doesn't have many quirks but I love the way babies look at their hands like they're on an acid trip. I'm gunna miss that in a couple months!!


  2. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!


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