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Thursday, May 29, 2014


It turns out that naming children is hard.

I mean, they have to live with their name FOREVER.  They have to go to school with it, get a job with it, find a spouse with it.

I would have named Gibson "Turd Monster," except that I'm pretty sure a child with that name would end up single and living in his parents' basement for his entire life.  So it was a no-go.

...I officially apologize to anyone out there named Turd Monster.  I'm sure you live a very fulfilling life.

When we were trying to name Gibson, we absolutely couldn't think of boy names we both liked.  For awhile Jackson was our choice, but then the Social Security Administration popular name list came out for 2012, and it was the second most popular boy name.

So...it was automatically off the table.  Mr. Husband doesn't like things that are popular...although he fell in love with me, and I was the most popular girl in high school!

Just kidding.  I wasn't.  :(

Anyway.  Picking a boy name was super hard for us.  We spent every car ride together throwing names back and forth.  Which is Danny's FAVORITE game.  /sarcasm

At some point we came across Gibson.  GIBSON.  And it was so lovely and wonderful, and BONUS!  Musical!  We fell in love immediately!

So when it came time to have our baby, we had five names picked out: one boy name, and four girl names.  But the plan was to meet baby and then officially decide on the name.

Unfortunately, drugged-up Erin doesn't follow plans.  When Danny said it was a boy and the doctors asked what his name was, I yelled it out really loudly.

...oops.  I guess it's a good thing he was a boy, because who knows which girl name I would have picked?  Probably Erin Jr.  Or Ellie Jr.

Luckily, I haven't regretted Gibson's name at all!  Although I do wish people would stop trying to call him Gibby.  I mean, really.  GIBBY?  Just stop it.

...sorry.  I get a little worked up about Gibby.  Although I call him Google, which I guess isn't much better.  But I'm his mom, so I do what I want!

So that's the story of how Gibson was named.  THE END.
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