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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm good at things!

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So, I've realized something about myself recently.  I'm TERRIBLE at accepting compliments.

I feel like I come off as really conceited when I thank someone for a compliment.  It's obviously better if I deflect it and compliment them instead, or put myself down a little to make myself seem humble, right?

...nope.  It's turned into a thing where I kind of believe that I don't do anything well, because I don't want to seem (or be!) arrogant.

Here's how complimenty situations usually go:

Friend: Erin, you're really good at vacuuming!  Wow!
Erin: Oh, well we just have a really nice vacuum.  I'm not that good at it!
Friend: Well, I'm not a very good vacuumer, so I'm impressed!
Erin: I'm sure you're a good vacuumer!  Your house is never dusty...and besides, you're so good at feeding your dog!  I'm jealous of your dog-feeding skills!  I wish I was good at things!

I'm not saying that anyone should go around saying, "I'm so good at feeding my dog!  Did you notice my amazing dog-feeding skillz?  I'm so good at EVERYTHING!"  But I think it's important to be able to accept a compliment without feeling the need to put myself down.  Because God gave me the gift of vacuuming, and that's not something I should be ashamed of!

So now I'm going to tell you ten things I'm good at.  I think it will be good (and hard) for me...and I hope that you'll comment and tell me some things you're good at, too!

Spoiler: vacuuming will not be on the list.  I'm a pretty average vacuumer.

1.  I'm good at decorating.  Just ask Danny...the other day he said it looked like HGTV (and about five loads of laundry) threw up in our bedroom.

2.  I'm good at making Gibson laugh!  This might be my favorite skill.

3.  The food I cook tastes pretty darn good.  And I'm good at improvising when I cook!

4.  I'm good at researching things.  Most of the decisions I make are well-researched and thought out.

I'm also very good at telling Danny all the facts rolling around in my head from doing research.  Which I'm sure he loves!

5.  I am a good listener.  And talker.

6.  I make a very realistic-sounding monkey noise, which Gibson really likes!  So I guess you could say I'm good at impressions.

But only monkey impressions.

7.  I am a good musician...I hope this is a talent that Gibson gets, too!

8.  I'm good at sewing (although not so good at getting projects finished in a timely manner).

9.  I'm GREAT at finding sales!  Saving money is the greatest.

10.  I'm very good at small talk...awkward silences don't really exist when I'm around.  Even though sometimes my small talk is awkward.  I'm just awkward sometimes, but I like it!

You guys, that list was hard.  I feel weird about it.  It would definitely be easier for me to write a list of my shortcomings...and the list would be a lot longer, I promise!

So.  I'm going to try and accept that I'm good at some things from now on.  And if you give me a compliment, I'm going to try really hard to say "Thank you" and not put myself down.  You should do the same, okay?

And for real, leave a comment telling me something you're great at!  Or something you like about yourself!  Or what you ate for breakfast!
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  1. Yay! Thanks, Erin for offering such cool giveaways on your blog!

    I have a similar problem with accepting that there are things I'm good at, too. I guess one thing I would say I'm good at is interacting with toddlers and younger children. I absolutely love playing with kids, and I think they have a pretty good time playing with me, too!

    1. You're SO good with kids! I always imagined that you would make a great kindergarten teacher. And you're such a good mommy! And friend!

  2. I like this post - you are a woman of many gifts, for sure!

    And since you asked, I'll submit that I ate a granola bar and a banana for breakfast. And I'm good at drawing people.


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