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Monday, May 19, 2014

My exclusive club

Last week Zulily had a great deal on Sam's Club memberships, so now I'm a member of an exclusive club!

It feels good to be exclusive.

We went to Sam's Club for the first time on Saturday with some friends to get our membership and gift card and free pizza and cheesecake (CHEESECAKE!), and to check out what they have there.


I'm pretty sure I could spend a million dollars there every time I go.  But, because I'm Erin, I made a spreadsheet of what would actually be cheaper there than at Aldi and Walmart.  Because what's the point of buying things in bulk if it's not cheaper?

I really love making spreadsheets.  In case you wondered.

I found that we will only be able to save a tiny bit on some things, like flour and sugar.  But some things are a MUCH better deal at Sam's.  We can save almost $20 a year on razors, $12 on printer cartridges, and $24 on trash bags, to name a few.

I seriously HATE buying razor cartridges.  I don't even like shaving, so it always seems like such a waste!  So the fact that I can buy one package of 16 cartridges and not have to buy any more for the rest of the year makes me SO EXCITED.

We also found a ridiculously cute romper for Gibson and some pants for me!  I love pants.

And we bought some chicken.

And a huge box of Goldfish.


...I got home and immediately wanted to use the toilet paper.  I'm obviously so strange.

In case you wondered, the Member's Mark brand toilet paper is MUCH nicer than the Aldi toilet paper, and it's cheaper.  And since we have five million rolls of it, we won't need to buy any for awhile! 

Also, we were at Sam's Club for three hours (SO LONG) and Gibson was AMAZING.  He was super happy to be there, and everyone thought he was just the cutest thing they'd ever seen.

...they were right, obviously.  See?

So now I'm going to go bask in the glow of my exclusive club membership.  And maybe I'll roll around in some toilet paper for awhile.  It's veeery cushy.
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  1. I LOVE the Member's Mark toilet paper! We sent some home with my parents and in-law's last time they were visiting bc I'm trying to convert them from the name brand. Its so much softer AND CHEAPER!


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