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Monday, May 26, 2014

My personable baby.

Until now, Gibson hasn't been super interested in other children.  He just kind of ignored them...such a diva.

But this weekend Gibson decided to be a people-person!  Hooray!

On Saturday I had a newborn session with a sweet little girl, and Gibson was SOHAPPY about it.  SO.  HAPPY.

When we were finished taking photos he came upstairs and saw the baby.  He started smiling and jabbering, and then started yelling happily at her.  It was this weird growly scream...so strange.  Every time she cried, he would happily yell back at her.

And then he started signing "baby."

It pretty much melted my heart.  It also showed me that he picks up on a lot more than I think he does...we don't sign "baby" very often!

I was so surprised that Gibson was interested in a baby...he hasn't ever shown any interest in them, unless it was to poke eyeballs.  He loves poking eyeballs.

And then we were at church yesterday, and one of the older kids started playing with Gibson.  He would roar at Gibson and chase him, and Gibson roared back and ran away.  Gibson was giggling SO hard...he could barely even walk!

Does anyone else have that problem?  When I'm having a laughing fit my muscles are the most useless ever.  Gibson seems to have inherited that from me.  He just kind of melts into a ball on the ground when he's laughing.

In any case, Gibson and his friend played their roaring/running/chasing/giggling game for at least ten minutes.  It was so sweet!  I love that Gibson can run around and play with other kids now...he was immobile for so long that it was hard for him to play!

And the best part about it was that Gibson was so worn out after church...he napped for three hours!

If having friends means that he'll sleep well, I want him to make SO MANY FRIENDS!
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