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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our very big kitchen makeover

I mentioned that we're doing a kitchen makeover this summer...let me tell you all about it!

First, a photo of our kitchen before, for reference:

When we first decided to make a few changes to the kitchen, the plan was to make new wood countertops and install backsplash.  And that's all.

But now the list includes:
-Installing over range microwave (DONE!)
-Repainting the walls
-Painting the inside of the cabinets
-Putting contact paper on shelves and in drawers
-Wallpapering the refrigerator (probably with contact paper)
-Painting the cabinets white
-Making new wood countertops
-Install undermount sink
-Extending the top of the island to one side and putting in bar stools
-Changing the light fixture above the island
-Installing beadboard backsplash
-Putting in wainscoting on walls
-Painting and organizing pantry

So.  There's that.  Here's how the list became so long:

It all started when we couldn't decide on a backsplash color.  Our cabinets right now are a really yellowy cream color, and white backsplash would look weird.  But we didn't want something with color.  So we decided to paint the cabinets white.

And then I decided that I wanted to paint the insides of the cabinets because they're the original oak and really ugly.

Then I was like, "But I can't paint the bottoms of the shelves, because I don't want dishes to stick to the paint!"  So now they're getting contact paper.

And the fridge is white and ugly, and wallpapered refrigerators look awesome.  Seriously, look it up.

We couldn't find tile that we both liked, so beadboard backsplash it is!  And it's less expensive!  And wainscoting would match!  We should do that, too!!

And then Danny revealed that he doesn't love the mint green on the walls, so we decided to go with Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.  It's a BEAUTIFUL color, and less intense than the mint.

Then I remembered that we had never painted the pantry to match the kitchen, and decided that we should paint it to match the insides of the cabinets (a golden yellow) and line the shelves with contact paper.  And organize it like crazies.

And last night I decided that I don't love the light above the sink or island, but we may only replace the island one.

THE END.  The list-lengthening is *mostly* my fault, although Danny is obviously deranged because he went along with all of it.  And he spearheaded the microwave project, which is now finished!  I'll share photos now!

This is what we did to the cabinet above the stove: cut it down, and now it's an open shelf!  Danny is a genius with a jigsaw.  Also, we found some really lovely wallpaper under the cabinet.  And by lovely, I mean disgusting and sparkly.

And with the microwave!

I love it!  It's so nice not to have a microwave on the counter.  And the range hood was awful and ugly and dusty.

So, over the course of our makeover I'll write posts about each project we do...starting with the microwave!  I'll do that soon.  Not today.  Even though I know you want to hear ALL ABOUT IT right now.

I hope you have a lovely Saturday!  If you want to, tell me all about your favorite home makeover!  I always love ideas for new projects!

...but Danny wants you to tell me not to start on anything else until the kitchen is done.  He's obviously crazy.
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Maybe.  We'll see what Danny says about that.
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