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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Now that it's FINALLY warm here in the midwest, we've been taking Gibson outside to play a lot.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I don't like the outdoors.  So this is a challenge for me.

I love watching Gibson play outside...he's just so cute running all around!  But outside there are bugs and snakes and dog poop and heat and humidity and I just don't like it.

I much prefer being inside where I can control the climate.  And I can squish all the bugs I see.  And there aren't mosquitos to make me itchy.

Last night we took Gibson to the front yard to run around, and he was VERY excited.  For awhile it was fine (albeit sticky and humid).  He ran around the grass, and then we walked down the street a little.

But then he wanted to touch the fire pit.  WHICH IS COVERED IN CLOVER MITES.

Do you know what clover mites are?  They're tiny, itty bitty mites that are fire engine red.  And they eat grass and stuff and INVADE HOUSES.  By the THOUSANDS.

They better not invade my house.  Or else.

...at least they don't bite.  They're just nasty and tiny and red.  Ick.

And then Gibson was walking in the grass and I found a WASP'S NEST!!!

Except it was actually a mushroom.  But it certainly looked like a wasp's nest.

Also, the other day I opened the mailbox and a wasp was spinning some sort of nasty contraption inside it.

I kept my cool, of course.

...well, maybe not.  I shrieked.  Which probably wasn't a good idea.

So basically, the outdoors are trying to kill me.  And I should stay inside all the time.

But how can I deprive this happy little boy of being outside?  It's his favorite!

So I guess I'll suck it up and spend time with all the vermin in the grass.  Nasty.
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