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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pudding paint fail

I have been wanting to try finger painting with Gibson for awhile, and last night we did!  I made the "paint" out of vanilla pudding and food coloring.  Mmmmm, food coloring!  Delicious!

...am I the only person who is slightly repulsed by the idea of eating food coloring?  I don't know why, but it really skeeves me out.

Also, I like the word "skeeves."

Anywhoozles, I made the paint, and we put down a nasty blanket and let Gibson go to town!

But it turns out that he's really smart, and he knew that it wasn't paint.  I would think that he could smell the pudding, but I'm not convinced that he has a sense of smell.  So the obvious answer is that he's a genius and can distinguish between food products and toxic lead-filled paint just by looking at it.

So it turned into a game of "eat as much pudding as possible and be really cute while doing it."

All of the painting that took place happened because Danny and I were showing Gibson how to do it.

But really, all Danny taught Gibson was how to eat the pudding.  Because he kept eating it, too.


Also, Gibson has started smiling like a crazy and saying "Eeee!" when I ask him to say "Cheese."  It's adorable.  So I got lots of smiley photos!  Yay!

And after messy play time, Gibson got to have a bath...where he smiled like a crazy again!  Such a sweet boy.  Sometimes.

So that was our paint fail!  Now I'm worried that he'll think all paint is food and try to eat it.  I guess we'll stick with the edible stuff for now!
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