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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reverie Sweet Slumber Pillow Review

So, it turns out that I'm a cheapo.

...or I could call myself frugal.  That sounds better.

When we buy pillows, we always go for the least expensive one we can find.  They're fine for about two minutes, and then they're flat and awful and I hate them.

You didn't know I felt so strongly about pillows, did you?

In any case, when I was contacted to review Reverie's Sweet Slumber pillow, I said YES.  In all caps.  Because I need a great pillow.

The Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow is filled with shredded latex, which is supposed to simulate down filling.  It has a quilted cover that is removable and washable (always a plus!), and is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mite resistant.

When the box arrived, it was super heavy!  This definitely isn't a light, fluffy pillow.  It's dense and heavy, and it hasn't flattened at all, even after weeks of use.  I'm able to use just one pillow instead of two because it doesn't flatten much...which I love!

Although it isn't a flat pillow, it is definitely soft...and does resemble a down pillow!

I'm not going to claim that my sleep has suddenly improved tenfold (or even twofold), but it's definitely easier to get comfortable when I'm falling asleep.  And I shouldn't need to buy a new pillow for quite awhile...with my old cheap pillows, I had to replace them way more often than I would like!

If you would like to buy a Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow, head to their website!

Disclaimer: I was sent a pillow to review, but was not compensated monetarily for this post.  All opinions are my own!

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