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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tishtosh Tuesday

Let's do a lovely random post today, okay?  I'm going to call it Tishtosh Tuesday.  Because it's my blog and I can do what I want.

First of all, remember to enter the doTERRA Essential Oil Intro Kit giveaway today!  I'll be announcing a winner in the morning!

Every once in awhile Gibson likes to practice walking backwards as slowly as possible.  Or maybe he's trying to moonwalk!  That would be cool.

But realistically, the only moonwalking Gibson will ever do would be in a marching band like this:

I just highly doubt that he'll be a dancer.

Gibson's allergies have been out of control lately, which is exactly zero fun.  He's a snotty, coughy mess.  Poor thing.

Because of his allergies and teething and just being a grump in general, Gibson throws a tantrum every time ANYTHING happens.  My favorite thing is when we go to get him from a nap and he pushes the door shut after we open it.  And then he screams.  And does it again.  And again.  And the screaming just keeps getting louder.

It's not frustrating at all.  /sarcasm

Yesterday we painted our kitchen, and it's GORGEOUS.  So beautiful.  We also started doing the wainscoting, and I can't even wait until it's finished!

We decided to go with paintable beadboard wallpaper for the wainscoting.  And it turns out I hate wallpaper.  But it looks amazing and is WAY cheaper than doing real beadboard, so I'll deal with it!

Gibson's new favorite friend is a wooden spoon.  He carries it around and whacks things with it, and sometimes chews on it.  Weirdo.

Apparently Gibson listens a lot more than I think he does, because he's been signing up a storm lately!  And he says "Mo!" when he signs "more."  Adorable.

He is currently moonwalking across the living room.  My little MJ!

Gibson's hair is getting VERY curly and I LOVE IT.  It's especially cute when he sweats...which is all the time.  He's a sweaty kid.

I don't know if you noticed, but my blog is number 5 on Top Mommy Blogs.  It makes my heart sing!  Thank you for voting all the time!  You're the best.

Gibson ate dirt the other night and he really liked it.  Gross.

I was looking in Gibson's mouth yesterday and noticed a molar popping through!  But I'm pretty sure it's a two-year molar.  And he doesn't even have his one-year molars yet.  Why is he such a weird teether?  I don't even know.

I am currently very, very sleepy.  And I'm happy because Danny has a half day today!  Yay!  So we're going to finish the wainscoting today...so excited.  And tomorrow is his last day at school for the summer!!!

I don't think I can adequately express my excitement.  I'm SO EXCITED.

And, since May is coming to a close, let me remind you of some fun things!

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And now I'm going to chase my child around the house while growling, because that's his favorite thing!  LOVE YOU BYE!  Remember to enter that giveaway, okay?
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