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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bedtime at our house

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If you're friends with Danny on facebook, you probably saw the video he posted last night.

For those of you who aren't friends with him (you're missing out!), it is a video of Gibson tearing around the house laughing uncontrollably.

This happens every. single. night.

Bedtime at our house is 7:00.  If Gibson gets into bed much later than 7:15, he's a terror all night, so we're pretty strict about starting the bedtime process at around 6:45.

But 6:45 is also the time that Gibson goes into crazy manic toddler mode.  Which makes it hard to get him changed and ready for bed.

It starts when Gibson sees that one of us is holding a nighttime diaper.  He starts giggling and runs down the hallway.  And then, when he sees that we're chasing him, he runs the other way down the hallway into the kitchen, around the island, and goes under the dining room table.

In case you didn't know, being under the dining room table is LITERALLY THE BEST.  Literally.  It's the funniest place EVER.  The only thing funnier than Gibson being under the dining room table is mommy being under there yelling, "I'M STUCK!  GIBSON, HELP ME!  I CAN'T GET OUT!"

...which I do sometimes.  Because hearing Gibson laugh is the best!  And also I legitimately get a little bit stuck.

At some point we are able to wrestle a diaper on Gibson, but you can forget putting pajamas on him at the same time!  The second his diaper is snapped, he does a barrel roll and repeats his running up and down the hall/through the kitchen routine.

It takes more wrestling to get Gibson into his pajamas.  The other night I got his pants on him before he ran away, so he just didn't wear a shirt to bed that night.  I was like, "FINE!  If you're going to run away, you just won't wear a shirt to bed!  Ha!"  That'll teach him, right?

...except for the fact that he literally couldn't care less that he didn't wear a shirt to bed.  Oh well.

The one thing Gibson always stops for is his allergy medicine.  Because medicine is DELICIOUS!  But once the last drop of Zyrtec is in his mouth, he's back on the move.

By the time Gibson has his milk and is shrieking with laughter in-between sips, we have decided that he should just run around until he gets tired.

Except that NEVER HAPPENS.

I'm pretty sure he's the Energizer bunny.  Because he never ever slows down.

At around 7:12 we decide to just brush his teeth and put him to bed, regardless of how happy he is.  Tooth brushing time is its own special animal, which usually involves Gibson brushing mine and Danny's teeth while giggling.  And lots of thrashing around while I try to brush his teeth.

And then it's bed time.  We have a quick snuggle, and then put Gibson on his bed, where he giggles like a madman and rolls around with his blanket.  And then we pray very fervently that he will fall asleep quickly and quietly.

...and then we're exhausted from chasing him around and collapse into a heap on the couch to watch tv.

The end.
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