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Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm 315 months old!

I'm normally not a very controversial person.

...except that I don't love brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts.  Apparently that's a hot topic among some circles.

But in general, I don't worry too much about the decisions that other parents make.  As long as you aren't putting your child in danger, I figure everything will be okay.

I have come across people who get VERY worked up about other parents' decisions.  And I'm here today to defend one of my decisions that is apparently reprehensible to many people in this world.

I tell people how old Gibson is in months.

I KNOW.  I'm sorry for making you angry, people of the world!

Here is a list of the reasons that I will continue to say Gibson's age by months:

1.  A one-year-old changes significantly from month to month.  At 15 months, Gibson is an entirely different child than he was at 12 months.  And at 18 months, he'll be even more different.  At 21 months he'll be even DIFFERENTER.  But he's technically a one-year-old that whole time.

2.  I'm a mathematician and I like impressing people with big numbers (19, 21, 14, etc).

3.  There are fewer syllables in "fifteen months" than "one year and three months."  I'm all for streamlining processes!

4.  Saying his age in months helps Gibson feel like a big boy.  Because his monthly age increases each month, whereas if I went by years he would just be a measly one-year-old for twelve straight months.

5.  Because I can.

See?  So many good reasons!  But don't worry, I plan to stop using months after he turns twenty-four months (two years old).  Because my math skillz only go so far.

And really, you should all be thanking me for telling you Gibson's age in months instead of fortnights, which is what I would prefer.

...maybe I'll start doing that instead.  That way I could write an update every two weeks!  Be on the lookout for Gibson's 34th fortnight update next week!

Disclaimer: I have never truly felt judged for using months to say Gibson's age.  I just think it's funny that some people are so opposed to it.
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  1. I am totally fine with saying age in months until 2! That cutoff makes a lot of sense, actually and it's what I plan on doing in the future. :)

    1. It definitely makes sense to me! Although I don't care how other people say their kids' ages, of course. But I'm glad you'll be joining me on the dark side. ;)

  2. I'll join the dark side with you ;) I always say Gwyneth's age in months, for exactly the reasons you stated. Even looking at pictures of her 2 months ago, she's a completely different child.

  3. Such a cute and funny blog. Love it :) Where do I follow?


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