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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm sure you're wondering...

Guten morgen!

...good morning, for those of you who either don't know German or are too lazy to look it up on Google translate.

I know that you were all wondering what we got finished last week, since I took a kind of break to work on the kitchen.  We were busy little chipmunks and finished a lot of things on our to do list!

The counters are completely finished except for the island, which is currently making me a little loopy because it is covered in stain.

The island and lower cabinet frames are painted completely, and the upper cabinet frames and fur down need one more coat of paint.

The backsplash is up, along with the trim.  We still need to caulk the lower trim and paint it.

I keep thinking that we're close to being finished, but when I look at the list of things we still need to do, it makes me twitch a little.  I'm definitely ready to be finished and have my house back!  The bathroom and guest room are both functioning as kitchen storage, so they're super cluttered and I hate it!

But the bright side is that guests can make themselves a nice cup of coffee while they're using our bathroom.  I'm thinking about moving the coffee maker in there permanently.

I bet you're also wondering whether Gibson is the cutest baby in the world these days!

Well, he is.

Also, I skipped both his 14 and 15 month updates, which was incredibly painful for me.  So I'm going to tell you all about 15-month-old Gibson now!

Gibson weighs 27 pounds and is 33 inches tall.  That is the 95th and 97th percentiles, respectively.  And his head is over the 100th percentile...no surprise there!  He's a big-headed child for sure.

He is walking like a champion, and has started running most places.  Sometimes he kind of skips while he runs, which is adorable!  I'm going to pretend like he's doing it on purpose and not just tripping as he runs along.

Gibson's absolute favorite things are his trucks.  He drives them around all the time, and apparently he thinks they make a really loud yelling noise.  He used to vroom with his lips, but now his trucks just yell.  He especially likes driving them up and down Danny's legs and on his face.

Gibson really likes feeling legs.  He stands with his back to whoever is sitting on the chair or couch and runs his hand up and down their legs.  It's only a tiny bit weird.

I was worried about Gibson's verbal skills, but the pediatrician says he's fine.  And of course the day after his well baby check he started saying words...always trying to make me look like a liar!  He now says Ellie, bye (ba!), ball, and baby.

Speaking of baby, he LOVES his baby doll.  Sometimes.  He'll whisper to it nicely (and kind of creepily) and then whack its head on things and throw it.  So...he's a semi-good daddy.

Teeth-wise, Gibson is starting to cut the back sides of his upper two-year molars, and at least two of his one-year molars are starting to come through.  The other two aren't far behind as far as I can tell.  Molars are the worst and I HATE THEM.

Also, for real.  What kind of child grows his two-year molars before the one-year ones?  He's obviously trying to beat all of his friends in a molar-growing competition.

I wish he would just drop out of the competition and stop growing them.

Pretty much everything Gibson does these days is absolutely hilarious and adorable.  He's just a super delight, even though he throws approximately twenty three tantrums a day.

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