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Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's all Danny's fault!

I've mentioned several times that having Danny home for the summer has been great so far.  And it's true!  I am now going to make a list of the reasons having him home is the best!

-I don't have to listen to him take a shower and get dressed at 6:00 every morning.
-He gets up with Gibson and lets me sleep in (the BEST).
-We can go grocery shopping in the middle of the day when it's not busy!
-Danny is a champion diaper changer.
-When we need to clean it goes super fast!
-We can work on the kitchen during naps.
-We can also watch LOST during naps.
-If we want to take an impromptu trip we can!  ...not that we will.  But we could.
-Gibson loves playing with Daddy!
-Now Danny believes me that Gibson is a super turd during the day sometimes.

But there are also some things that aren't the greatest about having him home.  Let's make a list!

-He's a bad influence and makes me eat ice cream.
-Ellie barks a lot more when Danny is home for some reason.  It's irritating.
-I have trouble writing when there is an adult in the room.

...that's a weird quirk for me to have, I think.  I can blog just fine if it's just Gibson in the room with me, but when Danny (or any other adult) is around I just can't!  So if my blog has been lacking lately, that's why.  Luckily, Danny took Gibson for a drive so that I could blog this morning!

He's the best, obviously.  But hopefully I can overcome that problem and write all sorts of super amazing things this summer!

Half of them will involve the kitchen, but that's okay!

Happy summer to all of you lovely people!  I hope that you're getting to spend lots of time with your favorite family members like I am!

...Ellie would like me to remind you that she is, in fact, my absolute favorite family member.  Except when she barks.  Or makes me hot by laying on my legs all night.

She's obviously the most beautiful family member.
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You don't want that.  Trust me.
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