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Monday, June 2, 2014

Kitchen Project #2: DIY Mason Jar Light Fixture

How would you like to hear about another kitchen project?

...you'll be tired of hearing about my kitchen in a month, I promise.  But I suppose you'll just have to get over it!

Anyway!  I decided that I hated the light above our sink.  Because it was awful and fluorescent and terrible and the worst.

I obviously feel very strongly about lighting.

You can see it in this photo!  I forgot to take a before...oops!

And then I went to Menard's for the first time and found some $22 track lighting!  So now we have it above the sink, and it's much better.

We've also been thinking about changing out the light above the island.

...I'll clarify.  I've been thinking about changing out the light above the island.

Anyway.  It turns out the lights I like are expensive...so instead of changing the entire light, we decided to try using mason jars in place of the drum shades that were on the lights before!

It was SUPER easy, and way cheaper than buying a new light...so here are instructions on how to do it yourself!

DIY, if you will.

Step 1:  Take off the old shades and figure out how things are screwed in there.

Step 2:  There was a little ring that screwed on to keep the shade on, so we traced it on the mason jar lids.

Step 3:  Either use a big ol' drill bit to drill a hole that size, or be cool like us and do this:

Drill holes

Cut it out

Try not to stab yourself on the very sharp metal pieces you just created.

You will also want to add ventilation holes in the lid so nothing overheats!

Step 4:  Put the lid collar and lid part on the light fixture and screw the little ring on.

Step 5:  Screw in your lightbulb.

Step 6:  Screw on your mason jar!

Step 7:  Celebrate!

And one with the lights on!

We also decided to spray paint the jar collars with an oil rubbed bronze paint to match the light fixture...I'm glad we did!  It makes it look great!

I LOVE SPRAY PAINT.  Did you know?

...well, now you do.  So if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday/Valentine's Day/Christmas/wedding anniversary/Arbor Day, spray paint is a good bet.

Now let's do a cost breakdown!

12 quart mason jars: $11 (and now I have nine left for other crafts!)
Spray paint: $4
Wire cutter deal: $2

Boom!  $17 for a newish light fixture and some leftover jars!  Hooray!  And we'll be using the spray paint to paint the hardware for our cabinets.

I'm pretty happy with that little project.  It took 15 minutes, and Danny did most all of the work. Perfect!
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  1. The mason jars are so pretty !!! Very creative!!!


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