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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Life update

I know that you all want to know about my life at the moment!  So here's a life update!  I'll only include the most important things, okay?

Gibson has two molars partially in.  And I'm fairly certain that they're two-year molars.  So that's weird.

Luckily, he's been sleeping well through the teething...it's incredible!

Both sets of grandparents came to visit this week!  Gibson got enough attention to last him for a month, I'm pretty sure.

Danny is home for the summer!!!!!!!!  It's the best so far.  The house is so much cleaner than normal!  It turns out that it's easier to clean when there's someone else to help wrangle the tiny tornado.

We finished the wainscoting, and it looks INCREDIBLE.  We just have to paint it, and then I'll write up a lovely little (probably long) post about it!

Gibson has an awful cough that is probably allergy related...but he and I stayed home from church just in case.  Poor baby!  It sounds absolutely terrible.

Ellie has been eating many, many crackers lately.  And also peanut butter sandwiches.

Speaking of peanut butter sandwiches, last weekish I taught Gibson how to take bites of a sandwich instead of having to cut it up.  It's the BEST.  We don't have to carry around tiny pieces of food anymore...he can just take bites!  Hooray!

My hairs are red now!  ...or at least, some of them are.  I would post a photo, but I'm kind of a mess this morning.  And also it's hard to see the red in photos.  So you'll just have to imagine that I look just like this:

...except with a little bit less makeup, of course.

I have a pimple on my chin that hurts a lot and I want it to go away.  Except it won't.  Because it hates me.

Ellie has ripped giant holes in our sheets and we need new ones.  But there's nothing I hate spending money on more than sheets.  No one ever sees them!  Gahhhhh.

...but Danny keeps complaining because the holes are on his side of the bed, so I guess we'll buy some sheets.  Whaaaatever.

My fingernails are way too long, but I can't be bothered to cut them.

So there you go!  All of the important details of my life lately!  Isn't it fascinating?
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