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Friday, June 6, 2014

Shoe lover

Apparently Gibson has a thing for shoes.


I'm so proud.

We didn't buy Gibson any shoes until he was closing in on a year old.  It just didn't seem necessary...he wasn't going to be using them, so why buy them?  We had a few pairs that we received as gifts, and they were super cute!  Except Gibson would rip them off his feet within thirty seconds of putting them on.

When he was 11 months and (finally) started crawling, we bought some soft-soled leather booties for him to wear when he started walking.  He left those shoes on, but only because he couldn't get them off.

And then when he (finally) started walking, we got him some more shoes!  Because soft-soled shoes aren't so great when there are hypodermic needles littering the streets just waiting to be stepped on!

...hypothetically, of course.  I haven't actually seen any needles.  But that doesn't mean they aren't laying there waiting to stab my sweet baby's tootsies!

So now Gibson has lots of shoes.  Some flip flops (that don't fit because his feet are too fat), tennis shoes, brown sandals, blue sandals, and his soft-soled shoes.  And another pair of tennis shoes in a size larger.

And he LOVES his shoes.  He likes to carry them around the house and hide them, and chew on the velcro straps, and whack Ellie with them.

Such a shoe lover!  Maybe he'll be a famous shoe designer someday!

...hopefully he won't still be chewing on shoes when he's a famous shoe designer.  I have a feeling people wouldn't want to buy pre-chewed shoes.

If you click the banner to vote for my blog today, maybe Gibson will design a pair of shoes for you when he's famous!  

Or he'll at least chew on a pair of shoes you already own.  Which would definitely increase their value!
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