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Saturday, June 7, 2014

This is why we don't walk.

A few days ago, Danny and I decided that we should start going on family walks in the morning.  It's good exercise, and Gibson loves being outside!

So yesterday we went on a walk!

And we're never doing it again.  Ever.  EVER!

We put Gibson's fancy new tennis shoes on and then let him loose on the yard.  He was so ridiculously cute!  I even took a picture!

Yes, Ellie is peeing in the background of that picture.  Sorry.

After Ellie did all of her business, we started walking down the street!

We decided to let Gibson walk on his own instead of putting him in the stroller.  He loves walking, and we hoped that it would wear him out so he would take a nice long nap.

...that didn't work, in case you wondered.

Walking down the street with Gibson is definitely not the same as walking down the street with an adult.  Instead of walking in a straight line, he kind of stumbles in a zigzag.  Like a drunk person.

He also likes to try and drum on our neighbors' cars, so we have to try and herd him away from them.  We stand on either side of him to corral him in.  It kind of works.  Sometimes.  Not really.

So we were walking down the street at the pace of a snail on Ambien, and then we stopped because the neighbor's boat is fascinating and Gibson wanted to touch the propellor.

We didn't let him, don't worry.

Then he wanted to turn around and walk back toward our house.  At this point we had travelled approximately ten feet.

Because he turned around too quickly, Gibson was kind of unsteady on his feet.  And he started to trip.


And face planted on the gravel.


I don't know if you've ever been around Gibson when he falls down, but it involves lots of shrieking.  For thirty minutes.  Because falling down isn't something you just get over, obviously!

...life with a toddler is FUN.

While Gibson was shrieking, Ellie was being an idiot because she saw some dogs down the street and really wanted to go meet them.

Apparently the shih tzu wanted to meet Ellie, too, because he came running over to sniff her.

I didn't realize this was happening, and had put Gibson back on the ground to walk like a big boy.  Because carrying a shrieking, kicking toddler is absolutely no fun.

While I was trying to get Gibson to walk again, Ellie ran over to see her new friend (who was sniffing Gibson's butt) and clotheslined me with her leash.


So my leg hurt really badly.  Ellie was tangled up in her leash.  Gibson had started shrieking again.  Danny was frustrated.

We made the decision to end the walk and started the ten foot trek back to the house.  Danny was carrying Gibson and holding Ellie's leash.

But he didn't know that, in the process of injuring her mommy, Ellie had gotten two of her legs caught in her leash.

So Danny was dragging poor hogtied Ellie behind him, Gibson was screaming at the top of his lungs, and I was limping and trying to tell Danny to stop walking so quickly because Ellie's feet were tied together.  But I had to yell because he had a toddler screaming in his ear and couldn't hear me.

...I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we're nuts.

Danny finally stopped and we got Ellie untangled and made our way into the house.  Where Gibson proceeded to scream for twenty more minutes, and Ellie kept staring at Danny like a sad baby rabbit.

We were outside for five minutes, travelled ten feet, and none of us were happy when we got home.  Worst walk ever.

I'm sure we'll walk again.  Someday.  When Gibson stops throwing tantrums when he falls down.  That will happen by the time he's fifteen, right?
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  1. Oh good gosh! I can just picture all of this. And I'm laughing! (sorry)

  2. Haha, I'm so sorry. I just found your blog and it's awesome!! Awesome name too (but a little gross...in a good way). I always aspire to mom bloggers like you!! http://chantelslittlebitsofsunshine.blogspot.com/


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