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Monday, July 28, 2014

My little sponge

One of my favorite things about Gibson's age is that he's a SPONGE.  He's learning so many things!  And I love it!

Usually we just teach him cute things, or how to make animal sounds.

My favorite things that we have taught Gibson recently are how to say "Woah!" and how to make muscley arms and say "I'm big!"

...except he just says "BIIIIH!"  But it's still so cute!



And he can make a great sheep noise!  I didn't even mean to teach him that one!  He's just a genius, that's all.

Those are all cute, harmless things.  But sometimes the things we teach him end up backfiring.

For instance, we have started telling Gibson about the potty a lot.  So he goes with us when we go to the bathroom and we make a big deal out of it.  And I let him help me flush one time.

OOPS.  That was a huge mistake!  Because now he sneaks into the bathroom and flushes the toilet over and over every chance he gets.  We aren't made of water, buddy!  Stop wasting it!

We also taught Gibson how to use a spoon.  He doesn't quite have a handle on it, but he loves taking my spoon when I'm done eating things.  And then he shoves it into my mouth repeatedly.  Because he's feeding me.

...I don't love this game, as it turns out.  I should have let him eat with his hands forever, obviously!

But the worst thing Gibson has learned recently is entirely my fault.  He has been putting his hands on either side of his face like a super cutie.  So I thought it would be ADORABLE to teach him to do the "Home Alone" yell!

WRONG.  NOT CUTE.  Because instead of just yelling adorably and getting on with his life, Gibson felt the need to shriek happily all night.  I mean, it was absolutely hilarious.  But we don't especially want him to shriek all the time!

Thank goodness he has mostly forgotten about that!  I just have to watch the video of him screaming when he's not around...because otherwise he screams at the video.  Which is, of course, hilarious.  But also loud.

What have you taught your kids lately?  Gibson needs a few more tricks skills!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Early morning woes

I should never say anything ever about Gibson's sleeping habits.

Because once I say something about how well he's doing, he decides to be a turd and get worse again.

He has been waking up around 6:00 every morning.

Two mornings ago, Gibson's shrieks woke us up at 5:45 and I decided that "THIS IS RIDICULOUS! HE CAN'T WAKE UP!"

So I made a PLAN.  I would give him milk, put him in his bed, and make him sleep for another hour.  PERFECT!

I stumbled around the house looking for his milk (it was in the refrigerator, of course).  When I finally found the milk, I stumbled into his room.

Gibson was standing by the door waiting for someone to release him from his cage of misery.  It was a struggle to keep him from running out of the room, but I'm slightly stronger than him, so it all worked out.

I picked him up while he shrieked and tried to kick me, and we sat in his glider.  He would take a drink of milk and then scream a lot.  And then drink, then scream.  And so on.

Gibson finally calmed down.  Thank goodness.  We snuggled.  He drooled on me.

But then I took him to his bed.  Cue tantrum.

So I laid on the floor next to his mattress while he calmed himself down.  And then I started to fall asleep.  BUT HIS EYES WOULD NOT SHUT.

Seriously.  He was trying as hard as possible to keep them open.  They would start to close, and he would pop them open as big as possible and look around really fast.

Unfortunately, Gibson never fell back asleep.  Instead, he laid there quietly and pointed at things around the room.  And stared at me creepily.

For real, though.  So creepy.  Even though I love him.

Let's all pray that Gibson starts sleeping late again.  But until he does, we're back to very early bedtimes.  Because he wakes up at 6:00 whether he goes to sleep at 7:00 or 8:00, and I would prefer that he get the extra sleep!

Also, it's raining and I'm sleepy.  I think nap time will include mommy today!  Hooray!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Potty boy

So, Gibson is the poop champion of the world.

Literally.  He poops more than any other toddler in the WORLD*.  Yesterday every single diaper we changed, with the exception of ONE, was poopy.

*I have not confirmed this with any research.  Just take my word for it.

And, thanks to the mass quantities of poop leaving his body, he has a really terrible diaper rash.  Hooray!!

The best way to heal Gibson's diaper rash has been naked time.  When we let him air out for awhile every night, it all gets better faster.  Gibson used to be great at naked time!  He would run around for half an hour feeling the air on his cheeks, and then get a new diaper.  Perfect!

But now he's the WORST at it.  Because, all of the sudden, he feels the need to pee all over the carpet.

Every. Single. Night.

After a few nights of this, we decided to buy a potty.  We aren't exactly starting to potty train yet, but I figured that maybe we could save the carpet and get him used to it at the same time!

So far my plan isn't working.  Dang it.

Fortunately, Gibson really likes the potty.  He likes carrying it around the house* and putting it on the couch.  And drumming on it, and putting toys in it.

*Have I mentioned lately that my child is the Hulk?  Well, he is.

And he really likes sitting on it!  When we take his diaper off for naked time, I put him on the potty, and he'll happily sit on it for five or ten minutes.

And then he stands up, runs away, and pees on the carpet.

...and returns to sit on the potty.


At least this is a good opportunity for me to say the word "potty" over and over!  Before he started peeing all over the floor, I could never tell when he was going in his diaper.  And he's getting interested in what's happening down there when he pees...so maybe that's a good thing?

But WHY does it have to be on my CARPET???

...it could be worse, I guess.  At least he's well hydrated!
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Monday, July 21, 2014


Hello to you!  Happy Monday!

...I keep thinking it's Thursday.  That's obviously not true, because I went to church yesterday.  Don't worry; once Danny goes back to school, I'll start remembering what day of the week it is.

So!  I have good news!

Are you prepared for my good news?


Thank you, kittycat.

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WHAAAAAAAT!!  I'm so excited!

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I'll only be CRUSHED and DEVASTATED if you don't vote, that's all.

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I'll give you hugs if you vote for me.  BIG ONES.

Also, remember this guy?

He obviously wants you to vote!  How can you say no to that faaaaace??

Okay, I'm done bothering you for the day.  Now you should go bother your friends and tell them to vote, okay?

Tomorrow I'll only say the word "vote" once in my blog post.  I promise.

Okay, love you bye!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My silly boy

I know that I have always thought Gibson is the cutest, funniest kid in the whole world.  But he's been RIDICULOUS lately.  Absolutely SO CUTE and SO FUNNY and SO SMART and I love him SO MUCH!

...now you're intrigued, right?  Lucky for you, I'm about to make a list of funny things Gibson does these days!


Gibson really loves to walk backwards.  He'll walk around backwards all over the living room, and if he runs into something he walks forward a few steps and then continues going backward.  He generally runs into the same thing three or four times before he realizes that just walking forward away from it won't make it get out of his way.

He is OBSESSED with sunglasses and hats.  He won't wear them himself (of course), but if either Danny or I are wearing a hat or sunglasses it's the funniest thing in the WHOLE WORLD.  He likes to take them off of us and then try to put them back on.  Which sometimes results in eye injuries.

Today we were watching Boy Meets World (MY FAVORITE), and the students were all laughing.  So Gibson started fake laughing along with them!  He's going to be an actor!

When I'm in the bathroom, Gibson likes to walk up to the door so I can't see him and peek around it super slowly.  I growl at him, and he runs past.  And then he repeats the process going the other way.  He loves this game.  Fortunately for him, I go to the bathroom a lot.  Heh.

...yes, I'm telling you that I poop several times a day.  Get over it.  You're just jealous that your bowels aren't super regular like mine!

Gibson has started exclaiming "words" very loudly.  He likes to yell long monologues at groups of people in public.  I'm not entirely sure what he's saying, but it seems as though he'll be a bossy kid when he can talk.  Oh good.

He has started saying goodbye to people.  Over and over and over and over and over.  He'll leave a room saying "Ba!  Ba!" and then walk back through so he can do it again.  And if you don't reciprocate the goodbyes, he'll walk up to you and yell "BAAAAA!!!" in your face until you do.

Earlier tonight I was "cooking dinner" (read: making myself ramen noodles), and Gibson ran into the kitchen yelling for me.  He put his arms up for a hug, kissed me, and went back to whatever he was doing in the living room.  Sweet boy!

Gibson has learned the sounds that sheep and puppies make.  And he says them!  But only when he feels like it.  Which isn't all the time.

He can also find daddy's tummy, which involves pulling Danny's shirt up and putting a finger in his belly button.  Danny hates it.  I think it's hilarious!

Speaking of body parts, Gibson's favorite thing is when I ask where his bottom is.  He pats his tummy/legs/arms/head and says "Baba!  Baba!" while laughing.  So smart.

I need to get a video of his dancing, because it's the cutest thing ever.  Whenever music is playing, his little arms start waving and he bounces all over the place!  At the store the other day, I was singing something and he started dancing like a fool in the cart.

My least favorite "cute" thing Gibson does is close himself in rooms.  He'll run into our bedroom and slam the door...and then scream.  And scream.  And bang on the door.  I mean, I'm glad he doesn't know how to open doors yet, because that will make going to bed harder...but it's really unfortunate that he can't let himself out!

I'm going to go let my cute/smart/funny boy out of his room now...since he has, once again, locked himself in there.  If you come to our house, you'll notice that all of the doors are shut.  This is why.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The (very stinky and crowded) zoo.

I don't know if any of you know about this whole polar vortex thing...but it's the BEST.




Did you know that the high has been in the 70s here in the Midwest lately?  And it's JULY!!!  Obviously God knew that I can't handle the heat and decided to give me a break.

So on Tuesday we decided to drive to the zoo an hour and a half away.  The last time we took Gibson to the zoo he was way too young to appreciate it, and when else will we have the opportunity to take him when it's only 73 degrees?

We also thought that it wouldn't be tooooo terribly crowded, because everyone works on Tuesdays, right??


Apparently we weren't the only people who thought it would be the perfect day for the zoo.  Because as soon as we pulled onto the street where the zoo is, we were swept up in a tidal wave of minivans.  SO.  MANY.  MINIVANS.

...not that I have anything against minivans.  We're getting one soon.  I've just never seen so many mom mobiles in one place*!

*Besides church.  Of course.

And then, when we finally found a parking spot, we were swept up in a tidal wave of incredibly slow walkers, rude children, and five thousand strollers.

I don't know if you know this, but I don't do crowds.  I get anxious and sweaty and twitchy and irritable.  So the zoo obviously isn't my favorite place in the world.

I especially hate it when five million teenagers are crowding around the exhibits so no one else can see.  We ended up skipping half of the animals because there was no way I was going to squeeze my way through hordes of teenagers to catch a glimpse of an ape's butt as it walked away.

Luckily, Danny and I have a really good track record with the elephants.  Every time we have seen something cool at the zoo, it was the elephants.  So this time, there was a herd of elephants hanging out with a BABY ELEPHANT (OH MY GOSH), and we watched them with five thousand of our closest zoo friends for awhile.  The baby elephant's older brother got in trouble for something (trying to nurse while the baby was, I think), and his mom knocked him over and yelled at him.  It was INTENSE.

Then we moved on and found that we could still see the elephants from the next fence area, but no one else was there!  And then the elephants came over to that side, so we got to be in the front while the elephants walked around right in front of us!


It was the best.  And let me tell you...baby elephants are the cutest.  I think I need one as a pet.  And Gibson liked them, kind of.  He mostly pointed at them and then tried to grab the wire fence.

What Gibson REALLY liked was the giraffe.  When we left he yelled "BAAAAA!!" at it.  And he doesn't say goodbye to just anyone!

He also thought every animal was a dog.  So he would yell "DA!  DA!" at all of them.  I'm sure they loved it.

"I'm an antelope, kid!  Stop calling me a dog!"

...that's what I imagine the antelope were thinking.  Probably they were thinking about what to eat to make their poop as stinky as possible.  Because FOR REAL.  The poop smells were intense.

Other highlights of the zoo included:
-Danny cutting himself on the map dispenser and bleeding all over the place.
-Frozen lemonade.  And the faces Gibson made when I gave him bites of it.
-Waiting ten minutes to dry my hands in the bathroom because a gaggle of little girls were playing with the dryer.
-Gibson walking around holding his daddy's hand like a cutie!

He was trying to get away the entire time.
As much as I don't always love the zoo, and I REALLY don't love the crowds, it was fun to hang out and let Gibson run around like a little wilderness explorer!  It was also super nice because he slept like a ROCK that night.  And didn't wake up until 8:00 in the morning.

...that's enough to make me want to go to the zoo everyday!  Almost.
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Fat guy in a little coat

We finally decided to go through Gibson's clothes to decide what to keep for future children/posterity and what to get rid of.


Like, way more clothing than anyone should ever, ever have.

...I guess that's what happens when you're the cutest first grandchild on both sides of the family!

So, we're going through his massive collection of clothing.  And guess what?

Because I keep finding tiiiiiiiiny little outfits that are so cute it makes me want to DIE.  Tiny little polos and shorts and onesies and button downs and pants!  OH MY GOODNESS.

He was so tiny at some point in his life!  And as much as I love having a big boy who can walk and communicate with me and DO NOT want to go back to the screamy tiny baby stage, it's making me a little bit sad.

I knew that Gibson would grow quickly...everyone and their dog tells you that when you have a baby.  "He won't be a baby for long!  Cherish these moments!  They grow up so quickly!  DON'T BLINK!  IF YOU DO YOUR BABY WILL BE A TEENAGER WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AGAIN!"

...annoying.  But true, I guess.

But I didn't expect for it to go quite as quickly as it did.  And I definitely didn't expect his clothes from a year ago to seem so darn tiny now!  I'm pretty sure his right butt cheek wouldn't fit in most of these tiny shorts.

Maybe I'll put one of his old shirts on him for funsies?  It would be like Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy!"

So now I'm going to go continue my clothes sorting and intermittent sniffling.  And my big boy* will probably continue destroying every pile I make, because why would I be putting clothes in piles if I didn't want him to knock them over?

*I obviously mean Gibson, not Danny.  Although they're often in cahoots against me, so I wouldn't be surprised if Danny joined in the pile destroying at some point.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Murder Clown

Sometimes I don't feel like a mom.

I mean, I was childless for 24 years of my life.  And then, three days before my 25th birthday, BOOM!  Baby.

For whom I am entirely responsible.

If that's not scary, I don't know what is.

In any case, sometimes I kind of forget that I'm a mom.  I'm young and hip!  And moms are dorky and weird, right?

...not my mom, of course!  She's super cool!

Well.  It turns out that I'm definitely a mom.

At the parade last Friday, a clown walked by.  He was a very surly-looking teenage boy in what looked like satin pajamas and a clown wig.  And makeup, of course.  And he WASN'T SMILING.

I mean, really.  An angry clown wearing satin pajamas?  That's terrifying for the children!

So I did one of these:

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

And he smiled!  Success!

...and then I realized that I'M A DORKY MOM.  And laughed a lot.  And cried a little.

And then the clown walked behind me after the parade and I tried to hide.  Because he could have been angry at me for forcing him to smile!  And what if he was a murder clown???

Murdering me on the Fourth of July wouldn't have been very patriotic.  So I'm glad he didn't.
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Cracker Wars

Remember when I told you about Gibson's fun game where he entices Ellie to chase him by teasing her with crackers?

Well.  We have a new game now.

And it's more frustrating than the chasing game.  If that's even possible.

Gibson no longer tries to get Ellie to chase him.  Instead, he takes a bite of his cracker and then gives the other half to Ellie.

And then he screams like the world has ENDED.

Because Ellie ate the cracker that he PLACED DIRECTLY IN HER MOUTH.

So.  He screams a lot.  And then he frantically signs "MORE PLEASE!!!" and yells "KA! KA!" at us.  Because how DARE we not give him another cracker RIGHT AWAY???  The mean dog ate his!

...and then the cycle repeats.  Over.  And over.  And over.

We tried giving him smaller pieces of cracker, which helped for about a minute.  But then he started crushing the little pieces instead of eating them, which also made him scream.  And then I had to vacuum all the time...which isn't my favorite thing, as it turns out.

Someday he'll figure out how to eat crackers without causing himself pain, I guess.

And, before you ask, we have tried putting Ellie in our bedroom for snack time.  But then she barks like a crazy person and Gibson stands outside the door signing and yelling "dog" over and over.  And he doesn't eat his crackers.  Because how on earth can he eat crackers without Ellie there to help???

Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  At least he's cute, right?
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An extra hour!

We've been putting Gibson to bed at 7:00 for a very long time.  He used to wake up around 7:00, but recently has been waking up between 6:00 and 6:30.  We would try to put him to bed later, but he would still wake up super early, so he got less sleep.

Which, as all parents of toddlers know, is a VERY BAD THING.  Babies need sleep!

So we resigned ourselves to a life of early bedtimes and very early wakings.

BUT GUESS WHAT!  Gibson is maturing and becoming a man, and it turns out that if we start the bedtime process at around 7:30 he sleeps in later!

For the past two days he has slept until 7:20, which is absolutely AMAZING.  Now let's all pray that it continues!

And because I'm sure you were wondering, I'll tell you: YES.  Getting more sleep makes me like Gibson more.  He's so much cuter with an extra hour of sleep!  His little face is just so sweet, and his little toes are so chubby and I WANT TO EAT HIM.  But I won't.  Because that would be cannibalism.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yankee Doodle Gibson

Were you curious as to what Gibson's favorite holiday so far is?

You probably think it's Christmas.  BUT YOU'RE WRONG.  Opening presents is the worst!  And Thanksgiving has way too much terrible food (give him peanut butter or give him death!).  Birthdays are mediocre.


It's the greatest.  The GREATEST.

We had friends in town for the holiday, and they have two kiddos.  Which automatically made it Gibson's favorite weekend EVER.  Because CHILDREN!

And then we went to the parade on Friday morning.  I was worried that Gibson wouldn't like it, but I shouldn't have worried!  Trucks, music, and DOGS...what could be better?

Gibson stood up every time a dog walked by.  Out of reverence, of course.

Then we went out to eat, where Gibson played with his future wife and laughed a lot.  And ATE FOOD THAT WASN'T PEANUT BUTTER.

Be still, my heart.

After a painfully short nap, he played with his friends.  And started waving and saying goodbye to us over and over and over.  "Bah!  Bah!  Bah!  Bah!"  It was cute the first twenty times.

...who am I kidding?  It's still cute two days later!

Friday night we decided to throw caution to the wind and keep Gibson up to see the fireworks.  Which was both a good and bad idea.

It was good because Gibson loved the fireworks!  He made this face for most of the show:

And since you can't see that very well, here's one with flash where he looks absolutely insane.

The bad part about fireworks was that we got there at 7:45 and couldn't find a spot to sit.  And then we had to wait SO LONG for the fireworks to start.  Keeping Gibson from falling into the river/rolling down the hill/eating grass and cigarette butts is seriously not the funnest thing in the world.  And he was a grump because it was, of course, past his bedtime.

But I'm still glad we went!  Because it reinforced the fact that Gibson is, in fact, the most patriotic little dude in the world!

He's a Yankee Doodle Gibson.  Obviously.

As much as I loved taking him to see the fireworks, though, I would prefer not to do it again until next year.  Did you hear me, neighbors?  NEXT YEAR.  Now stop it with the fireworks at all hours of the night!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm baaaa-aaaack!


...if you didn't miss me, please don't tell me.  That would hurt my feelings.

In any case, I missed you!  We were out of town for a wedding and then I was exhausted from all the traveling and things and then I can't blog because Danny is home.  But he has insisted that I blog tonight.  So I'm going to.

I'm pretty sure he wants me to blog because he doesn't want his friends to find out that I've fallen to number 10 in the Top Mommy Blog rankings.  He's a gold digger, obviously.

Since I'm out of practice with this whole writing thing, we'll start with a random assortment of facts about our life!  Let's go!

Gibson successfully slept in a room that wasn't his this past weekend!  Hooray!  Now if he would learn not to wake up before 7:00, life would be beautiful.

Ellie ate some pasta from the trashcan earlier and proceeded to vomit seven or eight times.  I don't do vomit...especially dog vomit.  Nasty.

...and Danny just came to tell me that he found Ellie poop in Gibson's room.

Does anyone want a dog?  Because I have a SUPER GREAT one for free!

Don't worry.  She's being sweet and lovely now.  Because she knows that I hate her.

Gibson ran over to me and yelled "GOUDA!" earlier tonight.  The boy loves his cheese!

...except what he wanted was a drink from my water bottle.  So.  I don't know what he was saying.

Speaking of my water bottle, Gibson is obsessed with it.  He wants to drink* from it all the time.  Like a little hamster.

*By "drink from it," I mean that he likes to put his cracker-covered tongue in it (nasty) and then touch his snotty nose to the opening.  It's awesome.

Danny's sunburn is much better, thanks for asking.  Even though he has been peeling like a nasty reptile for the past week.

The high today was in the 60s!  What the heck!  And the high for Friday is only 80 degrees, which is literally the best...because I didn't want to do Fourth of July festivities in 100 degree weather.  I'm not a lizard, people!!  I wasn't made for such extreme heat!

It's been so humid and hot here that my glasses have been fogging up every time I leave a store or the car.  It's absolutely infuriating.  Also, only my left lens fogs up, so then I have really weird depth perception and I run into things.  It's great.

Today Gibson and I played with a tub full of dry pasta.  And by that, I mean that I played with it while Gibson tossed handfuls of it into the air and screamed when I tried to put it back in the tub.

Danny built Gibson a cardboard house, complete with windows and laminate flooring.  It is currently taking up half of the living room, but we don't have the heart to take it down...the child loves his house!

And look!  There's our humongous tub of animal crackers!  It turns out that I love them the most out of everyone in our house.  They're SO GOOD.

Yesterday I was getting into the shower, and I slipped.  And the inside of my left knee slammed into the side of the tub.  Needless to say, I'm bruised and it hurts SUPER BAD.

...and I still haven't showered.  I'm kind of terrified of going in there again.

Okay, that's enough for tonight!  I promise that I'll start blogging more regularly...if only to make sure Danny doesn't stop loving me.

And in that vein, please consider clicking the banner below to vote for my blog!  It will help Danny the Gold Digger be happier.

...that's a joke, by the way.  He just wanted me to blog again.  He doesn't care about my status in the blog world.  I didn't want you all to think my husband is a tool or anything.
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