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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An extra hour!

We've been putting Gibson to bed at 7:00 for a very long time.  He used to wake up around 7:00, but recently has been waking up between 6:00 and 6:30.  We would try to put him to bed later, but he would still wake up super early, so he got less sleep.

Which, as all parents of toddlers know, is a VERY BAD THING.  Babies need sleep!

So we resigned ourselves to a life of early bedtimes and very early wakings.

BUT GUESS WHAT!  Gibson is maturing and becoming a man, and it turns out that if we start the bedtime process at around 7:30 he sleeps in later!

For the past two days he has slept until 7:20, which is absolutely AMAZING.  Now let's all pray that it continues!

And because I'm sure you were wondering, I'll tell you: YES.  Getting more sleep makes me like Gibson more.  He's so much cuter with an extra hour of sleep!  His little face is just so sweet, and his little toes are so chubby and I WANT TO EAT HIM.  But I won't.  Because that would be cannibalism.
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  1. Such an adorable pic.. God Bless you Gibson! :)



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