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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cracker Wars

Remember when I told you about Gibson's fun game where he entices Ellie to chase him by teasing her with crackers?

Well.  We have a new game now.

And it's more frustrating than the chasing game.  If that's even possible.

Gibson no longer tries to get Ellie to chase him.  Instead, he takes a bite of his cracker and then gives the other half to Ellie.

And then he screams like the world has ENDED.

Because Ellie ate the cracker that he PLACED DIRECTLY IN HER MOUTH.

So.  He screams a lot.  And then he frantically signs "MORE PLEASE!!!" and yells "KA! KA!" at us.  Because how DARE we not give him another cracker RIGHT AWAY???  The mean dog ate his!

...and then the cycle repeats.  Over.  And over.  And over.

We tried giving him smaller pieces of cracker, which helped for about a minute.  But then he started crushing the little pieces instead of eating them, which also made him scream.  And then I had to vacuum all the time...which isn't my favorite thing, as it turns out.

Someday he'll figure out how to eat crackers without causing himself pain, I guess.

And, before you ask, we have tried putting Ellie in our bedroom for snack time.  But then she barks like a crazy person and Gibson stands outside the door signing and yelling "dog" over and over.  And he doesn't eat his crackers.  Because how on earth can he eat crackers without Ellie there to help???

Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  At least he's cute, right?
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