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Monday, July 14, 2014

Fat guy in a little coat

We finally decided to go through Gibson's clothes to decide what to keep for future children/posterity and what to get rid of.


Like, way more clothing than anyone should ever, ever have.

...I guess that's what happens when you're the cutest first grandchild on both sides of the family!

So, we're going through his massive collection of clothing.  And guess what?

Because I keep finding tiiiiiiiiny little outfits that are so cute it makes me want to DIE.  Tiny little polos and shorts and onesies and button downs and pants!  OH MY GOODNESS.

He was so tiny at some point in his life!  And as much as I love having a big boy who can walk and communicate with me and DO NOT want to go back to the screamy tiny baby stage, it's making me a little bit sad.

I knew that Gibson would grow quickly...everyone and their dog tells you that when you have a baby.  "He won't be a baby for long!  Cherish these moments!  They grow up so quickly!  DON'T BLINK!  IF YOU DO YOUR BABY WILL BE A TEENAGER WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR EYES AGAIN!"

...annoying.  But true, I guess.

But I didn't expect for it to go quite as quickly as it did.  And I definitely didn't expect his clothes from a year ago to seem so darn tiny now!  I'm pretty sure his right butt cheek wouldn't fit in most of these tiny shorts.

Maybe I'll put one of his old shirts on him for funsies?  It would be like Chris Farley in "Tommy Boy!"

So now I'm going to go continue my clothes sorting and intermittent sniffling.  And my big boy* will probably continue destroying every pile I make, because why would I be putting clothes in piles if I didn't want him to knock them over?

*I obviously mean Gibson, not Danny.  Although they're often in cahoots against me, so I wouldn't be surprised if Danny joined in the pile destroying at some point.
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  1. I was lucky enough that I didn't have to do this. We knew we wanted more kids, so I got rid of the not-so-pretty stuff and boxed the rest. And after the second, rinse and repeat. :/ Eventually, it should just be the favorite ones that are kept. Maybe. I have a friend who just had a daughter and they dress her up in my friends' baby clothes to take pictures of her in what Mommy used to wear. Not really my cup of tea, I guess, so I may have to clear stuff out before that's an option.


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